Meeting President Uchtdorf and Reporting for the MTC!!!

YES, it’s true! I met President Uchtdorf and his wife yesterday before I got set apart! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!
We were having lunch with Elder Perkins, (who is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, who served his mission with my dad in Taipei and who would also be setting me apart later that afternoon).  While we were waiting for him to meet us at the restaurant, PRESIDENT UCHTDORF WALKED IN WITH HIS WIFE. My jaw dropped probably about 10 stories!! So while we were having lunch, I had a clear view of the back of President Uchtdorf’s head.  I looked over every once in the while to see when he would be getting up to leave…I sound like a stalker, but who cares? UCHTDORF!!
When he and Sister Uchtdorf got up and were about to leave, he walked past our table and Elder Perkins flagged him down. President Uchtdorf said “Elder Perkins! Are these your friends?” Then Perkins said “Yes!” then he points to me and says “This is Tiffany Good, I’m getting ready to set her apart as a missionary. She’s reporting to the Taiwan Taipei Mission tomorrow.” I AM NOT LYING.
President Uchtdorf then shook my hand and said in his bomb German accent “Hello, Sister Tiffany Good! Congratulations on your call! We’ve had 2 grandchildren serve in that mission!” HE SAID MY NAME. I ended up getting a picture with him and his wife. Sister Uchtdorf then turned to me in her adorable accent and said “Good luck learning the language!” She was the sweetest little lady ever!!
After that happened, we followed Elder Perkins to his office, and we walked past Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson’s office. They weren’t there, but it was still freaking sweet!! Then I got set apart, and now I am ready to report the the MTC in just a few hours!
I love y’all so much, please please please keep in touch with me and write me! I have to know what’s going on with all y’all!!!! 🙂
Sister Good

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