Week 3

Hi Everyone!

Thank y’all so much for the letters/Dear Elders this week!  I especially appreciate the package I got from Uncle Marc and Aunt Monique.  I loved that Naomi, Carsten, and Allena drew me pictures!  They were adorable!  Don’t hesitate to send more!  And those cookies were delicious, thank you!

Dad, don’t worry, I’m pushing myself to learn the language.  It wouldn’t have mattered if I got fast tracked, because that would mean 6 less weeks of me using TALL, the program they have for missionaries learning a new language, and practicing on volunteers.  I wouldn’t be ready to do it for real.  Plus, I would have missed out on all the sick devotionals from General Authorities and other sweet speakers!

A&M lost to Alabama 59-0?!?!??  How the heck did that happen?!?  [Dad:  That’s easy!  A&M sucks!  (at least the last two weeks!)  Plus Alabama has bae Dulles High players!]  Were they playing at Alabama?  Dad I know BYU isn’t ranked anymore, I mean, how could they be?  But I still want to keep up with the other teams!  If you could just send me the Top 25 rankings every week, you’d be the bae of all baes 🙂

As for the MTC food, it’s really good for the most part.  I gained 2 pounds the first week, but since then I’ve been running every morning and I made a goal to not eat carbs for dinner 5 times a week.  I just have a salad.  I know when I get to Taiwan, I’m going to want to eat all of the things.  I’ll work it off with biking though!

Lesson planning this week was pretty frustrating for Sister Hendricks and I.  She was getting frustrated because she feels like she’s learning the language slower than everyone else, and I was getting a bit impatient with her.  But she really can’t compare herself to me.  It’s hard for me as well, because sometimes the grammar throws me off and I have so many vocab words to pass off.  But I know there is a reason why we got paired together.  I’m strong at what she’s weak at, and she’s strong at what I’m weak at.  We complement each other really well, and I love her so much!  When we had companion inventory, I shared with her my scriptures of the week from last week.  D&C 84:85, and Matthew 10:19-20.  These scriptures totally apply to her!  When we were at TRC this week, we had our lessons planned out, but for one of the newly converts we were teaching (Brother Piao, from Shanghai, baptized for 7 days), I had the spirit tell me to discuss being sealed with his family at the temple.  I try my best to give Sister Hendricks several chances to speak, and when she does, she knows exactly what questions to ask and what to bear her testimony on, even though she can’t understand anything that we’re saying!  She has the gift of tongues!  There is no need for her to be frustrated, because of what it states in Matthew 10.  You’ll say whatever the Lord needs you to say the very hour someone else needs to hear it!

Funny Stories of the Week:

  1. Elder Tan and Elder Mertz from our district had a competition during lunch to see who could eat a bowl of peanut butter and bananas the fastest (Elders…*facepalm).  There was peanut butter flying across the table, and at one point we all thought Elder Mertz was going to die because he was choking on his PB.  He ended up winning, but then he and Elder Tan rushed to the bathroom after…
  2. There’s another hilarious story…and it’s probably the best/funniest one yet.  Also the most embarrassing.  It involves Sister Oviatt and me, and someone totally wet their skirt.  Not kidding!  But I can’t share it on here because it’s confidential!  Maybe if you’re nice and send me letters, I’ll let you read all about it in my journal in 18 months!  #cliffhanger (it’s a really good one too mwahahaha!)

CHAD LEWIS SPOKE AT DEVO YESTERDAY!  It was awesome meeting him at the BYU fireside in Austin the week we played UT.  But all the Taiwan missionaries were so excited when he spoke Mandarin in his talk, even though we couldn’t understand anything he said.  He also showed us some pictures from his mission in Taiwan.  He did NOT look like a football star on his mission.  He had strange curly orange hair, and HUGE nerd glasses!  He was so humble when talking about his NFL career and helping the Eagles go the Super Bowl.  He said when he was at BYU, he just asked LaVell Edwards if he could join the team, and LaVell just let him on the team after a quick try out.  But he told us when he was in Philly, his bishop was Vai Sikahema!  Dad, did you know this?!?!  [Dad:  He had to be.  Even though Chad was after my time by a few years, we only had one ward there in Philadelphia when I was going to grad school there.  Now they are building possibly a big temple right in downtown Philadelphia.  One of the largest since the Washington D.C. temple back 40 years ago!!  Very prominent location in downtown next to a major thoroughfare.  Most temples are not located downtown, but rather in affluent neighborhoods.  This is a big one.  Only Washington DC, Boston, and Orlando are larger in the East.]  Chad said that Vai told him the reason he was playing in the NFL was so he could open the doors to the gospel to the people in China.  That’s crazy!  Because he went over to Beijing to host an American Football camp of some sort, and he kept getting so many questions about the Church.  Then he ended up being the Chinese language NFL color announcer for the a few Super Bowl when they were first broadcast on TV to China.  I love how the Lord works!

Scripture of the Week:

Isaiah 41:13

Remember to fear not, because the Lord is always with you!

I love y’all!

– Sister Good


Elder Wright and Relitz, called to serve in the Mexico Merida mission.  We became really good friends here!


Some of the sisters in our zone!


Smiling at the temple walk!

Being silly at the temple!
More temple pictures!
More temple pictures!
Provo Temple
Sister Anderson’s last day teaching our district!  She served in the Taiwan Taichung mission.  We love her!
Sister Hendricks and I with Sister Anderson.

Elder Tan and Elder Spencer


Yep, Elder Spencer ate an entire bag of goldfish with chopsticks

All of the older sisters in our zone!
Sister Sharp left for Hong Kong today!  I miss her so much!!
Elder Wright and Elder Relitz again!

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