Hey Y’all!

BIG NEWS!  They’re going to be broadcasting the MTC Devotional next Tuesday, November 4th worldwide.  I don’t know what station it will be on, but find out and make sure you watch it because I sing in the MTC Choir so look for me on the Telly!  I’m pretty sure an apostle is going to be speaking, but we don’t know who.  They don’t tell us anything here!

This week started off very rough.  Elder Spencer went home on Tuesday.  It was completely unexpected.  He left right after lunch, and didn’t even say goodbye us Sisters.  He wrote us a very heartfelt letter though.  He explained that he had some worthiness issues to resolve.  He has so much courage for going home.  We respect him so much for that.  He really was the VIP in our district.  We always had so much fun with him, and his Chinese was almost as good as mine.  We love him!  I hope when he resolves his issue, he is able to go to Taipei.  It would be so nice to see him on the island with us.  We miss him like crazy.  [Dad:  Must have been all those Goldfish he ate with chopsticks last week!]

Our teacher, Brother Liu (served in Australia Melbourne Mission) is the best teacher ever!  He is so adorable and so patient with us.  He is so good at teaching Mandarin, and he writes us individual notes of encouragement and shares a scripture that would benefit each individual missionary.  We love him!  He came back this week from recovering from getting his appendix taken out.  He told us that the Monday before we reported for the MTC, he felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen, but the pain went away, so he just went back to work and taught us for two weeks.  Then last week, the pain came back, and the doctor told him that his appendix ruptured that Monday before we reported.  His doctor said that it was really weird that he didn’t feel any pain for two weeks.  But Brother Liu shared with us why he thought he didn’t feel any pain.  He doesn’t know why, but The Lord knew that he needed to be with us for our first two weeks.  After class, Sister Hendricks and Sister Kirkham said that if Brother Liu wasn’t there the first two weeks, they would have been too discouraged to carry on being missionaries and they would have left.  The Lord needed them to stay, so he made sure Brother Liu would be there for us.  We would have had another teacher, yes, but no one compares to Brother Liu!

On Wednesday, our district got picked to direct traffic for the families dropping missionaries off.  Elder Bleak (France Lyon, Mandarin speaking) and Elder Martin (France Paris, Mandarin speaking, from Katy, TX) did it with us too.  You will never guess who drove through the gates to drop his missionary off…DAVID ARCHULETA.  I KID YOU NOT.  They had Elder Bleak take him around to the back of the MTC, so I didn’t see him.  Good thing too, because I would have made a fool of myself, dying and such.  But I was 10 feet away from the entrance, so I was 10 feet away from him.  BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY FRUSTRATION?

As for actual missionary work, this week couldn’t have been a better week for Sister Hendricks and I!  WE TOTALLY SLAYED.  All of our lessons with our progressing investigators were so great.  The spirit was present in the lessons and my comp and I were so unified!  Our feedback from TRC was surprising to us.  They told us that out of everyone in our district, we were the most unified, and we had such a good flow to our lessons.  We did a good job of teaching people, not lessons, and extending commitments.  One comment they made was that the members we taught could really feel the love Sister Hendricks and I have for each other, which is so important in a companionship.  The week totally made up for last week’s struggles.  We set a goal in companionship study to make every week stronger than the week before, until we leave the MTC in 5 weeks.  5 weeks?!?!  It’s going by so fast!  It will be difficult to follow this week’s level of awesomeness, but we’re going to Endure to the End!

I’m starting to get tired of the food here.  It’s not that it’s bad, I’m just bored of it.  And it doesn’t to the best things to my stomach either.  Sister Kirkham’s mom shared a scripture in a Dear Elder that described the way she and her district felt about the food in the MTC.  Jeremiah 19.  It is so accurate!  We read it and just died laughing!  https://www.lds.org/scriptures/ot/jer/19?lang=eng

Last night, we went as a district to watch one of the Joseph Smith movies.  I forgot what it was called, but it’s the film where in the beginning Joseph has the surgery on his leg.  I cried throughout the entire film.  After the film was over, I turned around and saw three elders wiping tears off their face.  And on the way out, there was a pretty built elder who said “I don’t have tear ducts in my eyes, I have sweat ducts.  I don’t cry, I just sweat through my eyes”.  Yeah, right.  It is such an amazing film!

I can’t imagine not being a missionary right now.  It’s impossible to fit all on the spiritual experiences in this letter, and it is impossible to describe the way that I felt when I feel the spirit, because I feel it everyday!  I still have a little less than 18 months left, but I already miss my mission!

Scripture of the Week: Alma 26:22 https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/26?lang=eng

22 Yea, he that repenteth and exerciseth faith, and bringeth forth good works, and prayeth continually without ceasing—unto such it is given to know the mysteries of God; yea, unto such it shall be given to reveal things which never have been revealed; yea, and it shall be given unto such to bring thousands of souls to repentance, even as it has been given unto us to bring these our brethren to repentance.

Carlos Godoy, Of the Seventy shared this scripture with us last Tuesday in Devo.  He described this scripture as the perfect recipe for a good missionary.  I encourage all of you to read it, ponder it, and exercise it.  Will y’all commit to abiding by this scripture?  (See, I’m really good at extending invitations! J)


Sister Good


They have pictures of all the mission presidents currently serving and look who I found!


Directing Traffic!


Temple Session whoop whoop! (from left to right) Elder Davidson, Elder Tan, Elder Mertz (Taiwan Taipei) Elder Martin (France Paris, Mandarin, from Katy, Texas), Sister Good, Sister Hendricks (Taiwan, Taipei).


Laundry Day with the District!


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