Week 08 – Mission Reassignment?

Hello Everyone!

Happy Birthday Grandma and Aunt Norma!!!  I hope it was an amazing day!!!

Dad, this is weird.  You’re writing me from Taiwan when I should be the one writing you from Taiwan.  All of the Taipei missionaries are jealous of you here!  VISA UPDATE.  Friday morning, Elder Dorius and Elder Bates went to the travel office and asked if the visas were approved, and the lady at the desk said that they were.  She told them that they had reassigned us, but cancelled the reassignments because they just got news that the visas had been approved, and they said they would just keep us at the MTC for a couple extra days and have us go straight to Taiwan.  But then Elder Liston got a letter from his mom Thursday (before the visas were supposedly approved), and she said that she emailed the travel office and they said that he got reassigned to the Georgia Atlanta Mission.  Then I got your letter today, and I guess President Day told you that I got reassigned to the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission?  I just now got an email telling me about my new assignment.  Colorado Springs!?  SWEET!  I am actaully way excited! The only down side is that we won’t be flying to Taiwan at the same time as everyone else going to Taipei.  We were going to have the best time on that flight.  Oh well.  COLORADO COLORADO SPRINGS!?!?!!?  AHHHHHH!  Sister Kirkham and Sister Hendricks are going to Atlanta, and Sister Oviatt is going to Pocatello, Idaho [Lance, I’m telling her to stalk you until she leaves for Taiwan, so beware].  THIS IS WEIRD!

Okay so our Elders went and asked the travel office today, Monday, just now, and they said they’re holding us in the MTC for a few days.  They said we are going straight to Taiwan.  The reassignments were sent to us on Friday.  I’m sorry this is such a confusing letter, but we are all confused now so….we will know FOR SURE by the end of this week.

So the pictures of the family you sent me in Taiwan…I only recognized half of them.  I didn’t even know whose wedding it was until I read your email (I saw the pictures first).  So if I happen to run into them on the street, I’m probably not going to know who they are…  if they wanna find me, they’re just going to have to look for anyone wearing a nametag and ask about me…then the missionaries can stop by and teach them the gospel!  They need Jesus.

This week has gone by really slow.  We’re all just burnt out.  As much as I love the MTC, I am just so ready to leave.  I think part of the reason why it seemed so long is because we got 850 new missionaries this past Wednesday.  They didn’t want anyone reporting the day before Thanksgiving, so they combined everyone for Wednesday.  Gym time is so crowded, and it’s not just the Asian speaking missionaries anymore.  They moved the Argentinians into our time slot.  Also, Jeremiah 4:19 this week was SO REAL.  The food is okay, but it just doesn’t do good things to my stomach!  Look up Jeremiah 4:19.  Just do it and you will understand our pain.  (Which reminds me dad, thank you for sharing Jeremiah 1 with me. For personal study a couple of weeks ago, I really wanted to find out the context behind Jeremiah 4:19, so I studied Jeremiah 1-4.  It’s so good, especially for missionaries.  I love the scriptures!).

We also got a new district on Wednesday.2 elders and 3 sisters going to Taichung, 1 sister going to Singapore.  2 of the sisters (Taichung) Sister Gardner (Pocatello) and Sister Carlson (Georgia), moved into our room because there are no more rooms open.  So we have a full room os sisters! It’s really crowded, but we have so much fun at night.  They told us today that it’s going to be so sad when me, Sisters Kirkham, Oviatt, and Hendricks leave next week, because it’ll be super boring.  ‘Tis true.  Alas, we are the party.

Oh, and I also sang “Abide with Me, ‘Tis Eventide” as a solo in sacrament meeting yesterday.  ‘Twas really good.

For Devotional last night, Brother Stephen B. Allen told us about how other churches asked to visit the Missionary Training Center in Provo because they want to spread their gospel like we spread our gospel.  The First Presidency approved their visits and basically said, “Sure, come on over.  We’ll teach you everything we know!” *wink wink*.  They keep wondering how the MTC works, and why it is so effective on bringing so many people to the gospel. Brother Allen said that #1, it’s hard to find 18 and 19 year olds in their church that are willing to put their life on hold for 18 months to 2 years.  #2, It’s not the system of the MTC that works.  It works because what the missionaries are taught to teach is the truth.  I had never thought about it that way.  Right now, it is just so hard for me to believe that people are denying that the church is true.  How can they?  Everything they need to know is right there in a little book called the Book of Mormon.  All anyone has to do it read it, and pray to know if it is true.  #Moroni10

Funny Stories of the Week:

Sister Kirkham got those blowup noise makers that people use in basketball games to distract the other team from shooting free throws.  We decided we wanted to be obnoxious and started messing around with them at the shushe (dormitory).  Then we had a full on sword fight.  ‘Twas epic.

Scripture of the Week:

2 Nephi 7: 6-11

We are kindling fire at the MTC.  We need to continue to kindle, and when we get to Taiwan, we will start to spark.  LOVE IT.  THE SCRIPTURES ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!

So this isn’t a scripture, but lyrics from “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”.

The very last line says:

“Here’s my heart, O take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above”

This is what we told the Lord when we put in our mission papers.  We gave him our hearts, and it’s now sealed.  He is with us at all times, and we are out to spread his light to everyone.

Service assignment!   (We're so lame, taking pictures of us)

Service assignment! (We’re so lame, taking pictures of us)








Yes.  This happened.  #wearenotmuggles

Yes. This happened. #wearenotmuggles

Me as the seeker, catching the snitch and winning the Quidditch match.

Me as the seeker, catching the snitch and winning the Quidditch match.

image008 image009

Elder Tan, my favorite person ever.

Elder Tan, my favorite person ever.

We wanted to know if the camera would work through the peephole...IT DOES!

We wanted to know if the camera would work through the peephole…IT DOES!

Temple Walk!!  :)

Temple Walk!! 🙂


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