Week 12 – Colorado Springs!

Hey y’all!

So….CRAZY WEEK!  I’m in Colorado right now!  I can’t believe I’m out of the MTC!  But there was still so much that happened at the MTC before we left!

We taught a few lessons to Jose and Hely this week, and they have so much faith.  We had talked to them about how we don’t know when we’re leaving the MTC, and after we taught them the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation, they told us at lunch how much we’ve really touched their hearts.  Hely said that it’s okay if we leave this week, because we’ve already done so much for them!  Then we found out we really were leaving this week, and Jose and Hely got super sad and started crying.  NO JOKE.  I’m going to miss them so much, and part of me wished I was at the MTC longer for them.

So basically what happened was:  Bracken Hodges (in charge of the Mandos) came in Thursday morning and told us that we all had reassignments!  Little by little they called all of the visa waiters to the Travel Office to get their reassignments.  I was teaching a lesson to an investigator when this was all going down.  All of the Taichung sister got sent to Spokane, Washington, and the Taichung Elders were sent to Federal Way, Washington.  Elder Tan and Elder Smith are going to Tacoma, Washington, and everyone else got send to Colorado Springs.  There were 4 sister who hadn’t gotten reassigned…Sisters Lindsay, Hendricks, Oviatt, and Kirkham.  They may have gotten reassigned by now, but I don’t know.  Anyway, the way I found out was I got out of my lesson, and Sister Haacke runs up and attacks me and yells “GU JIEMEI!  WE’RE GOING TO COLORADO SPRINGS TOGETHER!!!!” I WAS SO DANG EXCITED.  It was just a huge party on the Mando floor.  It literally felt like we were in Spirit Prison, and someone went to the temple and did our ordinances for us, and were able to go to Spirit Paradise *hint hint go to the temple and do them ordinances*.  I found out I had to leave the next morning at 9:30AM!  So we packed all night and we left for the airport the next day!

When we got to the airport, Elder Matua met up with his parents there!  She’s a flight attendant for Delta so she totally took care of us at the airport.  She also bought us lunch at Cafe Rio, she is so dang sweet!  After we finally got to Colorado Springs after that long one hour and 15 minute flight, we were greeted at the gate by President Rehm and his wife.  They’re so nice!  They’re from Pennsylvania…I forgot which city, Harrisbug, I think.  We were the first missionaries to get there, and the other 6 Elders come in an hour after us.  It was like a huge family reunion when we saw them!  I wanted to run up to them and hug them all but LOL I CAN’T DO THAT!  HANDSHAKES ALL AROUND!  President Rehm took us all to eat at Golden Corral, and we ate dinner there with the APs…Elder Potter and Elder Madsen.  While we were waiting in line for food, I was so surprised at how easy it was for Elder Potter to just give out pass along cards to people standing in line.  He just talks to them, and gives them a card!  I can’t wait until I’m able to do that that easily!

After dinner, we drove to the Stake Center closest to the Mission Office, and there were 10 companionships of missionaries waiting for us!  We had a mini transfer meeting and we all got put into trios.  They did it like that because once we get our visas, they’re going to ship us out right from the Springs.  Everyone was so nice, and one of Sister Haacke’s companion is Sister Grant….I WENT TO EFY WITH HER.  Crazy!!!!  I got put with Sister Glew and Sister Griffiths.  They are amazing, I love them so much!  We call ourselves the G-Squad, because our last names all start with “G”.  Yesterday was Sunday, and wow everyone is so welcoming.  I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me to say a prayer in Mandarin, or to bear my testimony in Mandarin.  They think it’s so cool haha.  And we get fed every night by members!  I’m definitely going to take advantage of that because I know that’s not going to happen in Taiwan.  For Christmas, we have a breakfast, lunch, AND dinner appointment.  It’s great!  There is no Christmas in Taiwan, so I’m actually super grateful I get to spend Christmas in the States.  I wish I had more time to email but alas, we barely get anytime!  I love it here in Colorado Springs!  And I wanted to wish all of y’all a very Merry Christmas!


Jose and Hely!

Jose and Hely!

District 39-A+'s last pictures at the MTC!

District 39-A+’s last pictures at the MTC!

I ran into Elder Groesbeck!!!!

I ran into Elder Groesbeck!!!!

 The Sisters in my district!

The Sisters in my district!

Best Travel Group ever!  (Sister Haacke, Me, Elder Mertz, Elder Matua)

Best Travel Group ever! (Sister Haacke, Me, Elder Mertz, Elder Matua)

I just thought this was hilarious

I just thought this was hilarious

At the Colorado Springs Airport!

At the Colorado Springs Airport!

My new comps!  Sister Griffiths, me, and Sister Glew

My new comps! Sister Griffiths, me, and Sister Glew


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