Week 14 – Still in Colorado – It’s cold here!

Hello Everyone!

This week was awesome!  It was a week full of appointments.  Whitney’s baptism is this Saturday and I can’t wait for that!  Neither can she!  We’ve been teaching her Lesson 4 of Preach my Gospel about the different commandments, and she is just so willing to follow all of them!  She gave up coffee, and she loves the idea of the Law of Chastity, and she is so excited to go to the temple!  She said she’s working on sending her husband a copy of the Book of Mormon (he’s in prison) and she’s been telling him all about the lessons she’s been having with us.  She told him that she wants to be sealed in the temple with him and he said that he’ll do whatever he can to make her happy, and he wants to be baptized and go to the temple too!  But he has to wait a while after he gets out of prison, obviously.  I love Whitney so much!  She is amazing!  We’ve also been teaching Melissa, and she’s great.  She’s been taught all the lessons, and had 3 baptism dates before but she would never pull through.  Her problem was quitting smoking and attending church.  We visited her today and she says she’s only smoked one cigarette in 2 days compared to her pack a day.  She’s really trying hard!  Then what she said later totally caught us by surprise:  “Can I set a new date to get baptized?”  “WHY OF COURSE YOU CAN!” We set a date for January 31st and went over the baptism interview questions and she has such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and modern-day prophets, and just EVERYTHING.  And she’s been at church the last two weeks and stayed all three hours.  Hopefully she’ll be able to keep it up to prepare her for her baptism date!

We also met with Elaine, and she’s a super strong Christian woman and kept denying what we said and kept throwing bible verses at us.  She said she couldn’t believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, but when we asked her to look at a painting of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith as we recited the First Vision, she said she felt a lot of peace from it, but still denied what we said.  She is a stubborn one!  But we’re not giving up on her!  We tried to place a Book of Mormon with her, but she refused to take it, saying that the print is too small for her to read.  So we gave her the link to lds.org where she can find the scriptures online, and we went over to the mission office today to pick up a big huge triple combination (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price all rolled in to one) to give to her.  Hopefully she’ll accept it next time we meet with her!

We had to drop our 12 year old investigator, Z.Z., this week.  L  We had our last lesson with her, reminding her that even though we can’t meet with her anymore because her mom won’t let us, she can still keep studying the Book of Mormon and to remember to have that firm foundation so that when she turns 18, she can get baptized.  Her mom said she would talk to her husband about having Z.Z. still coming to church, but we figured it probably wouldn’t happen.  BUT TO OUR SURPRISE SHE CAME ON SUNDAY!  Z.Z. really loves church, and hopefully her parent’s hearts will be softened and let her get baptized soon!

Last P-day, we planned to go sledding with our district, and when I say sledding, I mean tie a canoe to the Zone Leader’s truck and have them drive around the church parking lot, dragging whoever was in the boat behind them.  BUT the ZLs couldn’t find the canoe.  So we just had a huge snowball fight with our district.  It was soooo much fun, we got super into it.  About an hour into the snowball fight, Elder Neff and Elder Parker (ZLs) were nowhere to be found.  Then all of a sudden they come running out with snow shovels and started scooping snow up and burying us all in snow!  OH MY GOODNESS SO COLD.  Afterwards we went to a gas station and had hot chocolate with some missionaries in the zone.  I think that would have been such a funny sight, having like 15 missionaries getting hot chocolate in a gas station haha.  That hot chocolate literally was the best I’ve had!

For New Years, we hung out with the Rodger’s family.  We got a whole bunch of silly string, and we planned it out with Sister Rodgers and had her call the Elders (Neff and Parker) to come over for Hot Chocolate and cookies.  Then they would come over and we would get them with silly string to get them back for dumping snow on us with snow shovels.  The Elders got here early, so we didn’t have time to hide outside before they knocked on the door.  So Sister Rodgers distracted them, and had them help her get some “things” from her car and we snuck out and hid behind some huge bushes.  We waited there for a while, and realized the Elders weren’t at the car anymore, so we were all confused.  Then we heard a war cry and we turn around and see the Elders with cans of silly string charging at us.  Turns out Brother Rodgers gave them ammo!  But we commenced the silly string fight and it was a blast.  Sister Rodgers then made some sort of yummy spice drink for us and he hung out there before we left for home and went to bed at 10:30.  J

Yesterday, we went to a fireside for recent converts, and I saw Elder Liston and Elder Dorius (two Taipei visa waiters)!  We spoke so much Mandarin everyone else was so confused…tamen bu liaojie zhongwen!  I missed them so much!  And our companions were talking to each other, showing them how much Mandarin they’ve learned from being our comps.  It was soooo good to see some of my MTC family!

Scripture of the Week:  Alma 29:9

I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it.  I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Silly String Fight!

Silly String Fight!

Springs 18th Ward missionaries!

Springs 18th Ward missionaries!

Snowball Fight!!

Snowball Fight!!



We visited the mission office and I found bag of scarves from Sister Merrill (MTC teacher who lives in the Colorado Spring mission) for Elder Davidson and Elder Mertz (MTC District)!

We visited the mission office and I found bag of scarves from Sister Merrill (MTC teacher who lives in the Colorado Spring mission) for Elder Davidson and Elder Mertz (MTC District)!


Some weird soup this African lady made us....we didn't eat it...we didn't know what the heck was floating around in it.

Some weird soup this African lady made us….we didn’t eat it…we didn’t know what the heck was floating around in it.


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