Week 15 – Whitney’s Baptism!

Hey Y’all!!


WHITNEY GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!  We met with her every day this week and we were just trying to finish up all of her lessons…she is so amazing, so committed to following ALL OF THE COMMANDMENTS with no issue at all!  Then I went over the Baptism Interview Questions with her because she would be having her interview without District Leader (Elder Jordan) the next day…and she admitted to a sin that she’s committed in the past.  She told us why she did it, and honestly it makes sense that she would go forth with it.  But she assured us that she’s repented of it.  We told her that she would have to meet with the Mission President instead of Elder Jordan because of the sin, and we had to tell her that she could still get baptized, but we can’t guarantee that it would be this Saturday.


So the next day, she’s in the interview with President Rehm, and she was in there for like 45 minutes….she was talking his ear off haha she’s awesome.  She called us right when she got out of the interview and yelled “I PASSED!!!!!” We were so excited we was bouncing and screaming in the car!!  We met with her that night and she was telling all of us how it went.  “I told him that everybody needs Joseph Smith in their lives, and about my boy Nephi, and I showed him all of the hand signals y’all taught me so I can remember the 10 commandments, and I told him I had a dream that Elder Neff baptized me, and I skype my friend, Joe (she calls him Joseph Smith just because his name is Joe haha) in Pennsylvania and we talk about the Holy Ghost all the time…” SHE IS SO SOLID.”  Then I told him that I wouldn’t know what to do without my missionaries and I’m glad the soonest one of y’all leaves in next January.  Then he told me:  ‘Well, Sister Good has something here that she needs to sign regarding her visa for Taiwan…’ my face dropped!  Sister Good, you can’t leave anytime soon!” I love her so much!  Turns out the thing I need to sign is just a Ministerial Certificate, and once all of us Mandos sign it, they’ll send it out and the visa process will continue on.  I’m not leaving Colorado for a few more weeks.


We’re planning on taking Whitney and a few other recent converts to the temple this Saturday because the Denver temple will be closing for 5 weeks starting on Monday.  Whitney told me that if we end up not going this weekend, she won’t let me leave until we can go again in 5 weeks…well, we’re going this Saturday so HA!  I really don’t want to leave, but I do at the same time!  So then she got baptized on Saturday by Elder Neff!  She brought her mom and her 3 year old, Paxton.  It was super funny because once she was ready go get into the font, Paxton just started crying and screaming “Mommy, mommy!!” the entire time she was getting baptized.  It was quite memorable!  Then he falls asleep after the baptism haha.  Whitney tells us after she got baptized “I’M GETTING THE GHOST TOMORROW!” And she did!  She brought some of her friends and we filled up an entire row just for them!  We got her all of the books, including the triple combination…she was just sooooo excited!!!!  She’s going to be such a great member of the church.  She is so excited to get a calling and everything!  Paxton also really like sunbeams, so YAYYYYY!


Friday we had Zone Training, and it was super fun.  Elder Neff and Elder Parker set up an obstacle course for us.  Two sets of elders had to go through the obstacle course 3 legged, and at each point, there was a different person with a different interest, and they had to try to bring up the gospel using their interest (basically a finding activity), all while we were throwing wadded up paper balls at them Elder Neff was super supportive of them, yelling “The Spirit of the Lord is in YOUUUUUUUUUUU” though a small traffic cone haha.  Elder Jordan (our DL) and Elder Harlan (from Katy, TX) went first and Elder Harlan was hilarious when they went to talk to the sports fan.  “What if you wanted to watch a game, and the final score was already posted before the game even started?  That’s how the gospel is….JESUS ALREADY WON!!!!” It was just a blast!


This week, I really focused on the sacrament.  I want to encourage y’all to read (or watch) Sister Cheryl A. Esplin’s talk from Oct 2014 General Conference.  What really stood out to me is when she said the bread and water doesn’t just remind us of Jesus’ body and blood.  It reminds us that He will always be our “Bread of Life” and our “Living Water”.  IT’S GOOD STUFF I TELL YOU.

Well, that’s all I have for you this week!  Remember, Jesus already won!!!!!

We went on exchanges this week and ate IN an airplane!  I guess my visa came sooner than I expected!  (haha no it didn't....)

We went on exchanges this week and ate IN an airplane! I guess my visa came sooner than I expected! (haha no it didn’t….)

image002 image003 image004

Exchanges with Sister Driscoll and Muro!

Exchanges with Sister Driscoll and Muro!



Sister Glew hates the cold!

Sister Glew hates the cold!

We get out of Zone Training and this is what we find... (Done to all of the mission vehicles in the parking lot)

We get out of Zone Training and this is what we find… (Done to all of the mission vehicles in the parking lot)

Zone Training!  (Elder Jordan and Elder Harlan)

Zone Training! (Elder Jordan and Elder Harlan)

image010 image011 image012

Elders Turney and Fox's turn!

Elders Turney and Fox’s turn!

image014 image015

Whitney's baptism!

Whitney’s baptism!


Elder Neff is getting transferred!  :( Hence the "Exit" sign

Elder Neff is getting transferred! 😦
Hence the “Exit” sign

image019 image020


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