Week 17 – Snow Days and Chin Faces!

Hey y’all!

This week was  soooo fun!!  On Wednesday, we had to “park” our cars, which means we couldn’t drive them because of the weather.  It snowed 6 inches that day!  So we ended up staying in the apartment, watching “Legacy”, and eating all of the food in our pantry.  ‘Twas the dream’.  And then we still had nothing to do, so we made chin face music videos to “Popcorn Popping” from “The Singles Ward” soundtrack.  It’s the weirdest version of “Popcorn Popping” ever haha.  But it was super fun and we just laughed so hard the entire time (for like a good 2 hours).

On Friday, we had district meeting and played “Whose District Is It Anyway?” Basically like “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, but we had different scenarios in which we had to try our best to place a Book of Mormon.  Then we had to use props and try to relate it to the Gospel.  It was a super fun district meeting!

Saturday was Sister Glew’s birthday, so Sister Griffiths and I decorated the kitchen and surprised her when she got out of the shower.  She was soooo happy!  Her mom send her a huge birthday package with streamers, balloons, cake in a jar (IT WAS RAINBOW), pancakes for breakfast, and just a hecka ton of stuff.  So we had pancakes for breakfast that day, and we went over to the Rodger’s home and they decorated their place with balloons and streamers and just everything!

Our stats this week weren’t very good…almost all of our appointments cancelled on us, so we only taught like 6 lessons this week.  And only one of them was an investigator lesson.  That snow day didn’t really help our stats haha.  However, the one investigator lesson we taught was to Wendy (SHE FROM THE SOUTH AND LOVES FRIED CHICKEN), and she loves it when we come over.  She said we always give her hope and lift her spirits up and she calls us her “Sister Soldiers” haha she’s great!  We tried to emphasize the Priesthood authority, because she doesn’t understand why we keep inviting her to get baptized in our church.  So after thoroughly explaining the priesthood lesson, and explaining apostasy, I asked her if she would be baptized by the proper priesthood authority.  She laughed for like 5 minutes…and said she wants a week to think about it.  “Y’all almost got me, I’m real close!” she said.  WE ARE ALMOST THERE WITH HER!

As for out other investigator, Melissa…her baptism date is scheduled for this Saturday, but she confided in us that she did smoke a cigarette this week.  And she wasn’t able to make it to church because she got sick this past weekend.  But on Saturday, we invited her to a baptism and she came even though she was sick because she really wanted to attend one and see what it would be like.  After she confided that she smoked a cigarette, she asked if she could still get baptized.  We asked her how she feels about being baptized and she said she really wants to and she’s trying soooo hard to stop smoking.  She then bore her testimony about the Book of Mormon and wow she has a good testimony.  But that is going to be up to our district leader when he interviews her this week.  Hopefully she’ll pass, but if we have to push her date back, then we have to push her date back.  She’s been trying for months to get baptized, and I just don’t want to discourage her.  But she’ll get baptized when she is 100% ready.  She is so amazing!

There was a stake mission prep class held yesterday, and they asked some of the missionaries to help out with that.  The activity was door approaches, and they had the full-time missionaries answer the door.  Sister Glew, Griffiths, and I were roommates and I was the foreign exchange student from Taiwan who didn’t speak English.  I just spoke Chinese the whole time, and I felt so bad because the future missionaries were so confused haha.  Then after the activity, the stake presidency had us share how we thought the future missionaries did and they were all surprised when I spoke in English.  Their reactions were priceless!

1. Macaroni, Martinelli, and Legacy on Snow Day!

1. Macaroni, Martinelli, and Legacy on Snow Day!

Our album cover for "Popcorn Popping"

Our album cover for “Popcorn Popping”

Birthday cake in a jar!

Birthday cake in a jar!

Party at the Rodgers!

Party at the Rodgers!



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