Week 18 – Melissa Got Baptized!

Hey Y’all!

Before I get into anything missionary related…THE SEAHAWKS LOST TO THE PATRIOTS?!?!?  I heard it was by an interception too…AGHHH.  AND KATY PERRY PERFORMED?!?!  (Dad, it was probably your favorite Super Bowl Halftime Show ever!:))

Big news of the week:  Melissa got baptized on Saturday!  We went and visited with her this past week and she was being super cute, showing us outfits that she bought, asking us if they were appropriate to wear to her baptism.  When we were going over the Baptismal Interview Questions with her, we got to the Word of Wisdom, and I asked her when the last time she smoked was.  “2 hours ago.”  So we asked her if she wanted to push her baptism date back because she was not ready to follow the Wisdom.  She started panicking and said “No!  Don’t push it back!”  So we were pretty bold with her and told her that the only thing holding her back from being baptized was smoking.  “I didn’t realize that…I thought you were just hoping I would stop.  I didn’t know it would interfere with me getting baptized.  Ok.  I quit.  I will not smoke again.  I want this more than anything.”  We decided to set up an appointment with the district leader anyway, and have him determine whether or not Melissa was ready for baptism.  When it came to the day for the interview, she came in and proudly told us.  “I have no desire whatsoever to smoke!”  We were soooo happy!  She went in for the interview and passed!  Her baptism the next day was so great!  There were so many people who showed up.  Sister Olsen, who became really good friends with Melissa presented her with a Quad with her name engraved in it!  She was sooooo excited!  Anyway, she was confirmed the next day and agh she is just so happy I can see it in her eyes!

I went on exchanges with Sister Muro on Tuesday and it was super fun.  We did some service work at Christian owned donation center in the morning, packaging meals and organizing donations and whatnot.  Then we visited a lot of people, taught a few lessons here and there, and before we went back to my area, we got slushies:)

There is a family in the ward who’s 7 year old son is taking Mandarin, and they asked me to teach him how to pray in Chinese.  He was super excited when I pulled out my prayer cards that I made and taught him to pray.  He said he REALLY wants to go on a Mandarin speaking mission, and he also asked for my address in Taiwan so he can write me letters.  He is just adorable!

Another awesome lesson we had this week was with Jerry.  His wife passed away about a year and a half ago, and he’s been going through a lot of grief.  When we would meet with him, we would always tell him that he’s not alone, that he has us, and Heavenly Father by his side.  But I don’t think he really believed it until this week when we got him out of the house and had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation at the Rodger’s home.  They were so helpful in teaching the lesson – they honestly just solidified everything we had been teaching him, and it was amazing for him to see that he’ll have a ward family when he is baptized.  We asked if he would like to be baptized and he said he wanted to attend a baptism first to see what it would be like.  There are a few baptisms happening on Valentine’s day so hopefully he’ll be able to do attend those!  Anyway, he was so happy by the end of the lesson, and so excited to go to church the next day.  However, he didn’t even show up on Sunday!  I was so sad because I thought the lesson went really well.  But later that day we got a call from him apologizing and he said he was really beating himself up for not going.  His deceased wife’s brother called him (and they haven’t talked in months) and he got carried away talking to him.  But hey, there is always next week!

We made our goal of teaching 20 lessons this week!  Usually we are at around 10-13 lessons a week, but we worked super hard to make up for last week!  It felt so good when we got out of our 20th lesson yesterday…we rocked it this week!

Funny Story of the Week
We got a new district leader this week.  When we were giving our stats out to them last Sunday, he was being so rude to me and he really did not make a good first impression.  So I was kinda bummed for half of the week.  Then I talked on the phone to him to set up an appointment for Melissa’s baptismal interview and he was super nice and mellow…turns out they had another Elder talk to me on the night they were collecting stats and pranked me!  I thought Elder Shelley was super mean, but he’s super sweet and a really quiet farm boy from Utah!  They really got me!

Spiritual Thought/Scripture of the Week
We really have been focusing on the Plan of Salvation in our lessons this week, and I love the fact that the Book of Mormon gives us so much more knowledge than the bible about how we will be resurrected.  I would encourage y’all to study Alma 40 this week about the Resurrection and how great of a gift it is.  I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!!

We found a car with a Texas license plate...AND a BYU license frame!!!

We found a car with a Texas license plate…AND a BYU license frame!!!

Sister Muro and I after exchanges!

Sister Muro and I after exchanges!

With our Sister Training Leaders!

With our Sister Training Leaders!

We found some Chinese dolls in a window of one of the less actives in the ward (we knocked, they didn't answer.  :(  So we posed like the dolls.

We found some Chinese dolls in a window of one of the less actives in the ward (we knocked, they didn’t answer. 😦 So we posed like the dolls.


Went to Wendy's because we had coupons for free mini frostys!

Went to Wendy’s because we had coupons for free mini frostys!


Us with Sister Olsen at Melissa's baptism!

Us with Sister Olsen at Melissa’s baptism!



We visited a less active family and THEY HAD SWORDS.  So....naturally...:)

We visited a less active family and THEY HAD SWORDS. So….naturally…:)


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