Week 21 – My Last Day in Colorado Springs!!

Okay let’s talk about this week…in Colorado Springs! For Chinese New Year, we celebrated by going to Panda Express…(mom is probably DYING because Panda isn’t real Chinese food, but it’s the closest we could get!) After that, we had specialized training with the President Rehm, and that went really good. He told us that he was in a conference with some other mission presidents and they were asking the General Authority some questions on how to deal with specific missionary’s problems. The GA said that they just have to remember that the missionaries are the best of the best of the best. He said “think about all of the 18, 19, and 20 year olds of their generation and what they might be doing, getting in trouble, going to parties, not keeping commandments. Now think about your 18, 19, and 20 year old missionaries and what they are doing…sacrificing 18 months to 2 years of their lives to serve the Lord.” That was so sweet of President to mention that to us!
On Saturday night, we were waiting on transfer calls. The Colorado Springs Mission is having to close 25 areas down, because the wave of missionaries from the age change is dying down. We went from 240 missionaries in September to 190 this transfer. We didn’t think our ward would be closed, since there is so much work to be done. Elder Parker and Elder Alpaugh (Zone Leaders) called us to let us know if we were being transferred. We predicted that Sister Glew would be leaving, since she’s been in this same ward since she left the MTC (in July) and Sister Griffiths would stay to continue the work. This is how the call went: “Alright Sisters….so, Sister Good, you’re…[long pause]…outta here!” Whoa, didn’t see that one coming! Haha “Sister Griffiths…[long pause]” Sister Glew: “Elder Alpaugh, you’re killing us here!” “Sister Griffiths is leaving! And Sister Glew is leaving too!” Now we REALLY didn’t see that one coming! We were in total shock! They aren’t even flushing the area…they are completely closing the area down for Sisters, and in two other wards in the Zone as well. As a result, we were excited for Sunday so we could say goodbye to everyone…but the snow was so bad, they cancelled church for 5 stakes in the Colorado Springs Area. That was so hard! We really wanted to say bye to everyone! And this morning, we were told that we aren’t allowed to drive our cars because of the road conditions, so we were really scared we wouldn’t be able to email today. But our AMAZING Relief Society President, Sister Harvey, offered to drive us to the library in the horrible weather. She even took us to a doughnut shop for lunch before. LOVE HER!
So here we are, emailing in the library because of her!
President Rehm included this in his weekly email!
This week we will also say good-by to eight of our visa waiters. Their flight leaves at 6:30 am Tuesday morning, so say a prayer for them when you get up. Another chapter of their mission adventure is about to begin. We’ve been glad to have them here. The paperwork for Elder Dorius was not complete, so he has returned to our mission until his visa is ready. We’re happy to have him back.
Unfortunately, Elder Bates was really struggling and chose to go home:( He better come back to the mission! We will really miss him!
And this is what President Day sent us today!
We have received notification that nine more visas have been granted to our missionaries! Their names are:
Sister Tiffany Good
Sister Samantha Haacke
Elder Parker Bates
Elder Taylor Davidson
Elder Ryan Liston
Elder Chase Matua
Elder Jared Brinton
Elder Kohl Mertz
All of the missionaries above are visa-waiters who have already served short term in a U.S. mission.
Besides our group supposed to arrive in February (who don’t yet have visas and will be visa waiters), we are still waiting on two visas for missionaries still serving in the U.S.
While your prayers have been answered for those who are coming, don’t stop praying for our other visa-waiters.
So today, we will be leaving and staying at a hotel near the Colorado Springs Airport for tonight. Our itinerary is as follows:
It has really been such a blessing to serve in the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission. As excited as I am to get to Taiwan, I am going to miss this place so much! I have learned so much here, and it has really prepared me for Taiwan, not language wise, but definitely doctrine/experience wise. I will come back and visit here for sure!

The Tripanionship

The Tripanionship

Our Zone

Our Zone

Sister Harvey…I love her!

Sister Harvey…I love her!



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