Week 27 ? I Hit My Six Month Mark!!

Hey y’all!

We were in Taipei on Monday and Tuesday, and it was super cool!  After emailing last week, Sisters Chan, Van Tonder, Huang, and I went to the underground mall at the Taipei Main Station (train station) and shopped around.  Everything in Taiwan is so cheap, it is insane!  After all of that Sister Huang and I visited some families in the ShuangHe 2nd Ward (雙和二支會), because it was Sister Huang’s last area, and she was so excited to visit the bishop and auxiliary leaders from the ward.  (It’s actually a ward and not a teeny branch like in Taidong!)  I love the members in ShuangHe!  They were all so amazing!

Then on Tuesday, We had a training follow up meeting with President Day and it was very fun because I got to see my entire MTC family again!  And it’s probably the last time we will be able to be all together again…we’ve all grown up and are heading out to our own separate areas to serve the Lord!  The meeting went from 9am to 3pm, then we had to catch a train at 5:00 to take us back to Taidong.  We got back at 11pm…we were all so exhausted!

Yesterday was Easter and it was super fun, because the active members in our branch held a break the fast that night!  We all went to LinYufeng’s (2nd counselor in the branch presidency) old TaeKwonDo Dojo.  Yeah, he’s a TaeKwonDo instructor.  Legit.  There was a random drum set in the corner and our Branch President, President Lai, is so good at the drums!  He’s a music teacher and knows how to play every instrument.  So he was banging on the drums, and it was just so funny to see how awesome our Branch Presidency is!

Here is my letter to President Day:

Dear President Day,

I hope you and Sister Day are doing dandy!  Thank you so much for the training follow up meeting last Tuesday!  It was awesome!

We met with Dou Jingtong this week.  She is this really cute 8 year old investigator.  Her parents aren’t members, but her 17 year old sister, Qiu Jingyi is.  We have already set a baptism date with Jingtong for April 25th, so this week, we asked Jingyi if their mother would approve of Jingtong getting baptized.  Jingyi said she wasn’t completely sure, that it is possible that their mother wouldn’t let it happen because Jingtong is only 8 years of age.  Then after Jingyi said that, Jingtong said “Women keyi pian mama!”  (我們可以騙媽媽! [We can lie to mom!])  Obviously that isn’t an option!  But when she said that, we all laughed so hard, and it really shows her desire to be baptized, so we were super happy to hear her say it!

Other than Jingtong, we don’t have any investigators.  They were all baptized last month!  Sister Huang and I decided that other than street contacting, our best shot to finding investigators will be through the members of our ward.  We are planning on visiting them, sharing a message, and asking them if they have anyone we can guanxin (關心) for.  We also want to teach our members a lesson, having a couple of our members act as some they know, like a role play.  Hopefully we will be able to find some prepared souls through them this next week!

I love you President Day!  I am honestly so grateful for your example to all of us missionaries out here, and the knowledge you have in helping this mission grow!  Thank you so much!

Love, Sister Good

I hit my 6 month mark on April 1st!  It feels like I’ve been on my mission way more than 6 months, and at the same time, it’s gone by so fast!  The mission truly is a huge time warp.  Time just doesn’t make sense on the mission at all.  This means I only have a year left on my mission.  I think back to when I first got on island, how different I felt then compared to now.  I came to the realization that I don’t ever want to leave Taiwan…I want to be a missionary forever!

I was reading in Mosiah 2 this week and I realized that King Benjamin organized the first ever General Conference!  In verse 7, it talks about a tower being erected so everyone can come and hear the words.  THE TOWER IS THE CONFERENCE CENTER.  In verse 8, it says that because so many people wanted to hear King Benjamin’s words, they had to write down what he said and distribute it among the people.  THE ENSIGN.  ISN’T IT CRAZY?  I’ve read that chapter so many times in the past and this is what popped out to me this week.  I love how the Book of Mormon is made for everyone, and each time you read it, it will give you an answer to a question that needed to be answered at the right moment.  Even though it’s the same book that you read again and again, it’s different each time you read it.

Love you all so much!  Read the scriptures!  Study the words of the prophets!  General Conference was this past week…take what the General Authorities said to heart and use it!  We have to wait a week to watch General Conference because they have to translate it to Mandarin and send it to Taiwan…so we get to watch it this coming weekend, the 11th and the 12th.  I AM SO EXCITED!



Sister Van Tonder and I were so excited to buy Krispy Kreme!


The view of the Taiwan Temple from the mission office!


This waffle place is sooo good!


The pamphlets that we stick on people’s doors if they don’t answer..


Sister Huang fell asleep while we were on Mormon.org hahaa.



This place is called “Donutes” and it is HEAVEN. Like, almost Celestial glory heaven.










The Lunar eclipse that happened on Saturday night! (These pictures don’t do it justice at all…it was so pretty)



Sister Huang and I had Japanese LaMien today before emails!



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