Week 31 ? JingTong’s (竇靖童)

Hello there!

There was a cycle of sicknesses going around this past week.  Last Sunday, Sister Pieper got a fever, and stayed in Monday and Tuesday with Sister Oviatt to take care of her while Sister Huang and I went out to chuanjiao (傳教).  Then Sister Oviatt got sick, and I got sick, so on Wednesday and Thursday, we were on exchanges and Sister Huang went out with Sister Pieper to chuanjiao (傳教).  Then Friday and Saturday it was Sister Huang’s turn…so…this week wasn’t too full of adventures haha.

BUT, DouJingtong got baptized!  She was super nervous at first, but she went forth because she really wanted to make this covenant with the Lord!  She is the SWEETEST little girl EVER!!

Dear President Day,

We had a baptism this week…little Dou JingTong!  She the cutest 8 year old, and she is very shy.  Her parents aren’t members, but her sister is!  I’ve always felt that Jingtong’s testimony had gotten super strong and she was always willing to keep the commandments.  It wasn’t until her older sister bore her testimony at Jingtong’s baptism that I realized how committed she is in following God’s commandments.  Jingyi (older sister) said that Jingtong would always look at the ingredients when she bought a drink and ask Jingyi to make sure it didn’t have tea or coffee in it.  Jingtong knows that keeping the commandments will bring blessings!

Our goal for the branch now is not to focus on finding, but rather strengthening the members so we are able to become a stake.  There are about 40 or 50 active members in our branch, and over 200 less actives.  How great would it be if we were bring at least half of those less actives back to church?  SO GREAT!  Also, there would be more people to fellowship our investigators.  We have a great desire to make our branch into a ward!

Sister Huang and I are doing great.  We love each other lots, and are quite unified in our lessons.

Hope you and Sister Day are doing well!  We love you lots!

We went to President Cai's House again last P-day!

We went to President Cai’s House again last P-day!







DouJingTong's Baptism!  竇靖童 邱靜怡 (姐姐)

DouJingTong’s Baptism! 竇靖童
邱靜怡 (姐姐)



After Tongtong got confirmed!  I just want to take her home with me!

After Tongtong got confirmed! I just want to take her home with me!



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