Week 31 – 7 Months on the Mission!!

Hey y’all!

Just a normal week, as usual!  Nothing too exciting happened, but read below about our investigator, Yang CaiJie!!!  OH AND I HIT 7 MONTHS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I HAVE LESS THAN A YEAR BEFORE I RETURN.

I want to apologize for not giving y’all too much insight of what I got from conference last month!  I was looking for answers, as everyone does, and I was focused on receiving revelation for my missionary work.  But it seems like the main topic was marriage, so at the time, I was a tad disappointed.  I don’t want to think about marriage right now, I mean, I still have a little less than a year left on my mission.  But I realized that I did receive revelation.  Maybe not for missionary work per say, but I realized I can use these words from the General Authorities to prepare now to be married after the mission.

There is a quote from President Benson I found the other day:  “The most important thing in this life is a testimony of the truth, and there is no place on earth where you can have the opportunity to get a testimony than like the mission field.”  Gaining my own personal testimony will help my future children gain a testimony, and that is what I want.  I want to raise my children hardcore in the gospel.  FHE every Monday, family prayer and scripture reading every night, no missing church EVER, inviting the missionaries over for dinner as often as possible etc.  These little daily things will add up to a huge testimony of our Savior and His gospel, and that’s what I want my family to have.  I want to magnify my calling as a mother, and I need my husband to magnify his calling as a father and a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder.  I know that doing these things, along with teaching my kids about the things I learned on the mission, will bless my family in the future.

Dear President,

The coolest miracle happened yesterday with our investigator, Yang CaiJie (bap. goal date:  5/16)!  Yang JM has been very depressed lately, and she has a lot of anger towards her family, especially her father.  She says she always finds comfort in talking to us and asks us lots of questions about why we come out and chuanjiao (傳教).  We went to a member’s restaurant yesterday with a couple of other members for a break the fast (the restaurant was closed because it was Sunday, obviously, so we had the whole place to ourselves) and Yang JM came.  We had such a fun time talking and introducing her to the members.  One of our conversations was about missionary work, since there was a recent RM and a young woman that is preparing to serve when she turns 19.  We called Yang JM later that night so to see when we could meet with her next, and she said:  “I was so glad that you sisters called.  I was just about to call you to let you know that I loved having dinner with everyone tonight.  It felt like I was eating with a huge family, and I haven’t had such a warm feeling like this in a long time, maybe even ever.”  Of course Sister Huang and I were super ecstatic when we heard that, but then she said “and I liked when everyone was talking about missionary work.  I think in a couple of years, I want to be like y’all and serve a mission.”  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  We told her that she would have to get baptized first and asked if May 16th was still okay.  Her response was “Duh, of course!”  This was the biggest miracle that I have experienced on the mission…on investigator telling us that she wants to serve a mission!

Sister Huang and I love you and Sister Day like always!

Dinner with our YW presidency!

Dinner with our YW presidency!

e pulled weeds out of Xie JM's sweet potato field and Elder Stephens made some new friends!

e pulled weeds out of Xie JM’s sweet potato field and Elder Stephens made some new friends!



Mmmm Spaghetti

Mmmm Spaghetti

Hualien Elders…

Hualien Elders…


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