Week 33 – Transfers on Friday!

Hey Y’all!

Transfers are on Friday!  We find out if we will be transferring on Wednesday night.  I can’t believe I am FINALLY done being trained.  I was trained for FOUR transfers instead of the regular 2, because we had to be trained in Colorado as well as Taiwan.  But it’s all over!  These are our predictions: I’m going to stay in Taidong for another transfer and Sister Huang will transfer to Taipei.  I am soooo nervous!

We helped a member make dumplings for her restaurant this week!  She tried teaching us how to make them, but our ended up being super ugly and she fired us…so she told us to boil them and eat them ourselves because she didn’t want to sell them to her customers haha…they were still delicious!  She also let us make a congyoubin (葱油餅) just for fun!  

Our investigator, Yang Caijie, decided she was way to depressed, and she is now residing in a mental hospital.  I’ve never been in one before, and we went to visit her this week.  I saw a lot of mental patients with serious issues, and it was very eye opening for me.  But Yang JM does not belong there.  She’s the sanest out of all of the patients.  But apparently it’s very normal for people in Taidong to voluntarily put themselves in the mental hospital.  Not sure why.  But this means she won’t get baptized soon.  When we were talking to her she said that it was her father who drove her crazy.  Since she was young he was always very abusive towards her.  Yang JM told us that she would have committed suicide if it wasn’t for us, and she is so grateful for the love that we have shown to her.  She still wants to be baptized, and she plans to read the Book of Mormon everyday now that she has a lot of free time.  We’re going to continue helping her as much as we can.

Last P-Day, we went to SanXianTai (三仙台), a gorgeous beach on the East Coast.  See pictures below!  But something completely insane happened while we were there.  The elders decided they wanted to climb on this huge rock, but Brother Chen (who took us) told them not to because the waves were too big because of the Typhoon (THE WIND WAS BLOWING LIKE CRAZY).  But because they were Elders, they didn’t listen.  They were on the rock for a while, when a HUGE wave came and crashed into them.  Brother Toshima’s (who served in Taidong when he was a missionary, came back to visit) leg got caught in a crevice, and fractured his ankle, while Elder Taulepa slid and the rocks cut up his arm.  None of the other Elders were hurt too badly.

We can relate this story to the Gospel.  Brother Chen warned the Elders not to climb the rock.  Likewise, God warns us through prophets, the scriptures, and prayer, that we need to follow His commandments.  He knows the consequences, and sometimes, we are just too caught up in our pride to recognize that we really shouldn’t succumb to Satan’s temptation.  We ALWAYS had to obey God’s commandments, or else there WILL be a consequence.  Luckily, Elder Taupela is super buff because he’s an Australian Rugby player, so he carried Brother Toshima all the way back to the parking lot.

Dear President,


We were at a stoplight last Pday and talked to a lady waiting with us for the light to turn green.  We asked if she would be willing to talk to us for a bit on the side of the road.  Long story short, SHE IS GOLDEN!  We set a baptism date with her and met with her 3 times this week!

Sister Huang and I were at another stoplight and I noticed two girls sitting on a bench on the side walk.  I turned to Sister Huang and said “Let’s go talk to them.” We pulled over and had a lesson, gave them a Book of Mormon, and set up a time to visit them again!  Yayyyy!

I have been focused on “Diligence” in PMG this week.  I’ve learned that when we are diligent in the work, and don’t waste time, “missionary work” won’t seem like “work” at all.  It’ll be “missionary fun!”

Thank you so much for everything you and Sister Day do for us!  Sister Huang and I love you!!!
























The dumplings and congyoubing (葱油餅) that we made!

The dumplings and congyoubing (葱油餅) that we made!




Pictures with the Young Women!  :)

Pictures with the Young Women! 🙂



At FHE yesterday!

At FHE yesterday!



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