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We went to Luye (鹿野) and it was beautiful!  See pictures below!


I went on exchanges to Hualien!  While we were eating lunch, I get a call from Sister Huang: “Guess what, Sister Good, you’re going to be a sister!” [I have to explain the “mission family” to all y’all.  When a missionary is called to train, the trainer is the mom or dad, and the trainee is their baby.  There first area is where they were “mission born” (I was “born” in Taidong).  The trainer’s companion right before the trainer trains becomes the mother of father of the trainee because he/she helped her baby be born.  Sister Huang’s last companion was Sister Robertson, therefore, Sister Robertson is my mission dad.  When Sister Huang found out she was training, she became “pregnant” with me, with Sister Robertson being the father of her child] AKA Sister Huang is training AGAIN.  So I am my sister’s father.  #SOUTHERN.

I went to district meeting in Hualien, and before the meeting started, we were all practicing teaching.  Elder McNeil (Ji’an) and Elder Heaps (Hualien) get calls from the assistants saying they have been called by President Day to train this transfer.  Everyone screamed and we all jumped for joy, yelling “Congrats, Elder!!!” Elder Marchant (Elder Nixon’s dad, Elder Heaps companion) turns to Elder Heaps and yells “WE’RE PREGNANT!” It was super fun haha.


I said goodbye to everyone in Taidong 😦  We visited a lot of members and investigators.  But we were unable to visit Yang Caijie, because she is still in the mental hospital.  But I later got a call from a member who visited her and told her I would be leaving.  She said Caijie is sad about me leaving.  But I know she’ll be fine because Huang JM will take care of her!


I went on exchanges with Sister Hendricks and Sister Cardon in Songshan because our companions had to go to the training meeting because they are training!  I thought it was just so funny because Sister Hendricks and I always joked in the MTC that we could proselyte together in the field.  And it totally happened!


TRANSFERS.  Transfers in Taipei are so fun.  An office elder make a huge PowerPoint of where all the missionaries who are getting transferred are going, and we don’t know until the meeting, until our picture pops up in the next slide of the PowerPoint.  So it gets super rowdy and super fun!  Taoyuan was up first, and I REALLY wanted to go to Taoyuan, because I know that is where Mom is from.  The Taoyuan 1st and 2nd district’s slide came up, and there was an empty space next to a native, Sister Lin.  Sister Day then announced: “Sister Lin’s new companion is….SISTER GOOD!” Then my picture popped up and I jumped up and I screamed because I wanted to serve in Taoyuan soooooooo bad!  I WAS SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!  I can’t believe this is my 2nd native companion haha.  Sister Lin and I are over the Taoyuan 2nd Ward.  Lucky me!

Saturday and Sunday were normal missionary days.  I got to know the members in Tao 2, and let me tell you, Tao is so different from Taidong.  Pretty much all of the members have served missions, and a lot of them served in the states, so they really like to speak English.  Sister Ma just got back from her mission at Temple Square in February, and she is so willing to serve us missionaries.  I was talking to a Brother Chen who just got married a month ago (he served in Tokyo and his wife served in Ukraine, the first Taiwanese person to ever serve there) and Sister Ma asked “So how many transfers have you been married again?” I LOVE MISSIONARY HUMOR!

The ward is super strong…we even have a meal calendar here (where members sign up to feed the missionaries).  That didn’t exist in Taidong.  There is a David Markham from Bristol, England in our ward.  He does Marketing for a company in Taoyuan and he is traveling to Sweden and London this week for a business trip.  He is our Ward Mission Leader’s assistant.  David can’t speak Chinese, even though he’s lived in Taiwan for 7 years.  He’s hilarious and loves missionaries.  He’s married to a Taiwanese lady and they have the 2 most beautiful girls.  They remind me of when Rebekkah, Alexis, and I were young.  But the best part is, when they speak English, it’s with a British accent.  I DIE.

We had dinner at the Bishop Huang’s (whoa, bishop and not branch president haha) place last night, and his family converted when he was 15.  He and all of his brothers served missions, and his wife also served.  They have the cutest little kids ranging from 6 months to 4 1/2 years old.  His younger brother recently returned and will be heading to BYU Hawaii in August.  They are the funniest family, teaching us modern Taiwanese teenager slang haha.


Dear President Day,


I can’t believe I finally finished training!  After four transfers…it’s about time!  But I also couldn’t believe it when I found out I had to leave Taidong.  I loved it there so much, but I know I’m not supposed to be there anymore.


I was on exchanges in Hualien on Tuesday, and attented District Meeting there.  Elder Dexter led an amazing meeting about prayer.  We discussed the Brother of Jared in the book of Ether, and how he showed perfect faith by asking for a specific thing from the Lord.  One thing Elder Dexter said stuck out to me: “Specific prayers get specific blessings.  Specific blessings get specific miracles.” He then challenged everyone to kneel down and offer a specific prayer sometime during the week.  The night before transfers, I was really nervous about transferring, and I decided to take on the challenge that Elder Dexter extended to us, by praying for a specific thing.  So I specifically prayed that I would be transferred to Taoyuan.  And look where I am now!  Taoyuan!  I am so excited to get to know Taoyuan and help Tao 2 strengthen and grow!

Sister Lin is amazing!  I love her so much, and she has so much faith in the Lord.  She has expressed to me that her last companion, Sister Mao, made her feel like she doesn’t have much worth.  She said Mao JM would always “ma” her for every little thing that she did wrong, and made her feel like a “zero”.  My goal for this transfer is to help her see her true worth as a representative of Jesus Christ, and that she will know that she is so much stronger than she thinks she is.  Zero to Hero!  (But she’s always been a hero, she just doesn’t know it) Thank you so much for this opportunity to serve with her!


Sister Lin and I love you and Sister Day so much!  Thank you so much for your service!

We went to this cow place in the mountains somewhere near LuYe!  (鹿野)

We went to this cow place in the mountains somewhere near LuYe! (鹿野)







I bought Cow toilet paper!

I bought Cow toilet paper!

Dad, this totally reminded of you because I remember you love that old cartoon "Cow and Chicken" haha!

Dad, this totally reminded of you because I remember you love that old cartoon “Cow and Chicken” haha!

Luye (鹿野) is SO pretty!  (Sadly, we didn't go on these parachute things, unfortunately :( )

Luye (鹿野) is SO pretty! (Sadly, we didn’t go on these parachute things, unfortunately 😦 )





Rice paddys, whaddupppp?

Rice paddys, whaddupppp?




My last run to the beach in Taidong! L

My last run to the beach in Taidong! L



Taiwan Temple Square!

Taiwan Temple Square!

Taiwan Temple Square!

Night Market in Songshan!

Night Market in Songshan!

Sister Lin and me!

Sister Lin and me!




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