Week 37 – Baptism #7

Hey Y’all

Most important event of the week…Lin Zhengxin got baptized! He was totally prepared by the Lord! It was such a great baptism! He even bought everyone “danta” (蛋塔) which is an individual egg custard pie. He is just soooooo great!!!

Sister Lin and I contacted a Mr. Liao on the street this week. We had an appointment with him which he showed up 30 minutes late too, and once he got there, we said a prayer with him. Then he kept asking me where I was from and how to say words in English. We were trying to focus on introducing the gospel to him, but then he stood up and left…it was…interesting…

Dear President Day,

We had a baptism this week, Brother Lin! He is so great, he even called this morning asking us if he could serve us in anyway. He really wants to Peike for us. He just loves the gospel and everything that comes with it! The light of Christ truly shines in his eyes…this is what true conversion looks like!

While we were counting up our stats for the weeks yesterday night, Sister Lin and I made a magnificent discovery. We had 8 Less Actives at church, and 28 lessons for the week! Daily contacts made it possible!

Sister Lin and I went on exchanges twice with our STLs this week. I guess our Sister Training Leaders recognized that Sister Lin and I were having some problems. Sister Lin and I are complete opposites, and we like to handle things differently. We both come from completely different cultures and have a huge culture and language barrier. Because of this reason, there has been some contention in our companionship. When Sister Lin makes a mistake, she thinks she needs to repent of it, where when I make a mistake, I like to look at the positive side: that we can learn from it. We read Joseph B. Wirthlin’s talk “Come What May, and Love It” and discussed it this week. Elder Wirthlin talks about the option we have after we make a mistake: to be angry about it, or happily understand that we are not perfect and we are allowed to laugh it off. I explained to Sister Lin that there is a difference between making a mistake and committing a sin. We had a heart to heart and set some goals on how we could improve. Our relationship is much better now! We are still working out some kinks with the culture and language, but being her companion is really teaching me more and more about humility and patience.

Thank you so much for all that you do for us! Sister Lin and I love you and Sister Day so much!!



Sister Good



Week 37-01

Week 37-02

We had a blast bowling last P Day!

Week 37-03

Week 37-04

Week 37-05

Week 37-06

Week 37-07

Week 37-08

We had our nicknames…I’m Sasha Fierce, Elder Welch is Barney Stinson, and Elder Young is Just Kittens.

Week 37-09

Week 37-10

Week 37-11

But doesn’t Elder Welch look exactly like Barney Stinson?

Week 37-12

Week 37-13

Week 37-14

We also played pool, and it was totally awkward because there were a whole bunch of guys smoking in the back…but it was still fun! (I beat Elder Lee and Elder Welch both times because I am a BOSS!)

Week 37-15

While we were on exchanges, Sister Howell and I thought these old beibeis were playing Mahjong, and they yelled at us “THIS IS NOT MAHJONG.” Then I realized this is that checkers game that those old beibeis were playing in Mulan when she was preparing to meet the Match Maker at the beginning of the movie.

Week 37-16

Week 37-17

Look at this house!

Week 37-18

Look at the Mangguo (Mango) Bing!

Week 37-19

Some members of the Relief Society making zongzis

[Dad comments] (Sticky rice balls for the upcoming DuanWu / Dragon Boat Festival)!

Dragon boat race, eat dumplings wrapped in lotus leaves Zongzi. This festival commemorates the ancient poet Qu Yuan; drink yellow rice wine, related to the White Snake Lady legend



Week 37-20

Ward activity Saturday! It was super fun, and I love our members!!!

Week 37-21

Lin Zhengxin’s baptism!

Week 37-22

Week 37-23

Just look at how happy he is!

Week 37-24

Our Bishop’s kids at the baptism. SO CUTE!

Week 37-25

Week 37-26

The missionaries in the Taoyuan zone!

Week 37-27


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