Week 38 – DaXi 大溪 and Swedish Meatballs!

Hey Ya’ll!

It was just a normal missionary week this week, we saw miracles, sweated till we couldn’t, and rocked that helmet hair! Also….

Li Mingzi got baptized! Finally! Her baptism was so special, we had it on Sunday morning, at 8am and then she was confirmed right after during church.

Saturday, Sister Lin and I did temple tours, and we met a Sister Zhuang. She had served a mission in temple square! We were discussing how the roof of the temple in Taiwan is blue, and I mentioned that I’m from Houston and the roof on the Houston temple is blue too. Then her eyes got really wide and asked “Are you Sister Good!?” (I introduced myself as “Gu Jiemei”) and turned out, she is Sister Yang!! She served her two transfers out of temple square in the Sugar Land 2nd Ward! She started jumping up and down and I was trying to be reverent because we were in the church haha she is so cute, and then she introduced me to her husband, Brother Zhuang. They are the cutest couple!!

Last Monday, we went to DaXi with Sister Ma, who just got back from her mission to Temple Square. I love her so much, she is that returned missionary who will just do anything for missionaries, like go with them to lessons, and put music on our iPods. She’s not in school right now so she’s taking us out again today!

Transfers are this week! It’s a week early because President and Sister Day are leaving next Tuesday and we will be getting a new mission President. So all of the missionaries will be going to transfer meeting this Friday, other than the east coast missionaries, since they are so far away. There is a chance that Sister Lin will be transferred, because she has been in Tao 2 for 3 transfers. But we will find out in Wednesday!!!

I hope everything is going well with y’all!


Sister Good


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We went to DaXi!

Week 38-01

Week 38-02

Week 38-03

Week 38-04


Week 38-05

Week 38-06

Week 38-07

Week 38-08

The championship game was playing and I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it I watched the last 50 seconds of Golden State dominating Cleveland and Lebron getting really angry at the end of the game it was awesome.

Week 38-09

Beef Noodle soup!

Week 38-10

Sister Yang!!!

Week 38-11

YUMMMM Manguo bing!

Week 38-12

Li Mingzi’s baptism!!!

Week 38-13

Week 38-14

Missionary Correlation meeting!

Week 38-15


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