Week 39 – President Day Goes Home…

Hey y’all.

We had transfers a week earlier because of the fact that WE ARE GETTING A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT TOMORROW. So transfers were on Friday, and wow was it great. Sister Lin and I are staying together for another transfer! When we found out we were so excited because we really didn’t want to leave Tao 2. Sister Lin and I are doing really good. It was really hard adjusting at first, since we are literally complete opposites, but now we are used to each other, and somehow through prayer and humbling ourselves, we have found a nice balance. I am so grateful for her.

Sister Facer FINALLY got here to Taiwan! She reported for the MTC August 20th, and has been waiting for her visa in the Georgia Atlanta mission for the past 6 transfers. She is finally here! When she went up to introduce herself, she started tearing up because she is so happy she is finally here. Everyone cheered and clapped and cried with her. It was awesome.

President and Sister Day bore their final testimonies for us, and President Day was so funny…he told us that he feels like he is leaving his children behind, but for a good reason. He quoted Mulan and yelled: “MY BABIES ARE GOING OFF TO SAVE CHINA!” And of course, everyone cheered and clapped and cried (transfers are so fun, I really hope President Jergensen makes it as fun as President Day!) But something Sister Day said in her final testimony really stood out to me. “Stop thinking about how stressed you are and start thinking about how blessed you are.” This really hit me, because this week, my faith in myself and my missionary work was really lacking.

All of our investigators are now baptized, and I was looking at our whiteboard and I realized that all of our remaining baptism date investigators are not progressing, all of our other investigators are dying because they never answer when we call or they tell us they are too busy, or they stand us up when we actually do have an appointment with them. In addition to that, when went finding and knocking on doors this week, all we get is rejection. So I have been really stressed for these reasons on top of many other reasons. I need to take Sister Day’s advice and think about how blessed I am. I have been thinking this entire week that Sister Lin and I aren’t having success. But how is success measured? Not by the amount of baptisms we have, or the amount of new investigators we can report for our weekly key indicators, or how many lessons we have a day, or how many Books of Mormon we pass out. We are so blessed that there people are rejecting us, because I know that the Lord is teaching us patience, diligence, and humility. That is what I need to learn right now, and I am so grateful for these challenges. BRING IT ON!

I love y’all so much, and do not ever lose Faith in you Father in Heaven, who loves you more that you can comprehend.

Sister Good


Elder Young is my favorite!

Week 39-01

Week 39-02

Playing hackey sack after district meeting!

Week 39-03

Week 39-04

Week 39-05

Week 39-06

Face painting at our English class party!

Week 39-07

Week 39-08

Some more English class party activities…

Week 39-09

Week 39-10

And the spiritual share at the end!

Week 39-11

Week 39-12

Played Ultimate Frisbee with the Tao 1st and Tao 3rd Elders for our last morning together before transfers!

Week 39-13

Week 39-14

Our new district!

Week 39-15

President Day sang to us for his last transfer meeting as our Mission President!

Week 39-16

Week 39-17

Our district before transfers!

Week 39-18


Week 39-19

Week 39-20

Week 39-21

Week 39-22

P-days with Sister Ma are always the best!

Week 39-23


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