Week 40 … I can’t believe I’ve hit NINE months!

Hey Ya’ll!

Well, last Wednesday was hump day. Literally, because I hit my halfway mark last Wednesday! I don’t really know what to think of it. I love the work, and I love Taiwan, but I also can’t wait so see everyone back home again. But these past 9 months have been just amazing, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Even though it is hard, and I really am not kidding when I say it is HARD. But like it says in 2 Nephi 2:11, there is opposition in all things, and I know that the harder we work, the more blessings we get. SO here is to 9 more months of blood, sweat, and blessings!!

Sister Lin and I got a surprise call from the Temple Sisters on Friday. We have been called to serve with two duanchuans (短傳mini missionaries)! These duanchuans are members in the Taipei area who are preparing for missions and they will be serving with us for a week. So Sister Lin and I won’t be companions this week 😦 And I am companions with Sister Wu! She is from Danshui (淡水 north of Taipei), and was baptized over a year ago. AND she brought her brother to baptism just two weeks ago as well! She’s a year older than I am, and she really wants to serve a mission, but hasn’t talked to her parents about it yet. They are still Daoist. But Sister Wu is so great, and has the driest sense of humor and I love working with her. We have had a blast so far and seen so many miracles. One of which: We went contacting on the streets on Saturday, found a Brother Chen, had a lesson with him, and invited him to church. AND GUESS WHAT?? HE ACTUALLY CAME!!!! He originally said he would only stay for sacrament, but he ended up staying for Gospel Principles class too! Yay!! We talked about the Sabbath Day this week in Gospel Principles class, and Brother Chen pulled out his phone. I was thinking: “No, pay attention, get off your phone!” But I saw what he was Googling, and he typed “Sabbath Day” (in Mandarin)!!! I was soooo happy! There were a whole bunch of sites that popped up but I saved him and directed him to lds.org and mormon.org haha. But we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was so moved we would give him such a precious book! We are meeting with him tomorrow!! MIRACLES!!!

Those are pretty much the most exciting things that happened this week! Lovin’ life, lovin the missoin, lovin’ my TIANFU (天父Heavenly Father)!

Oh, and I’m lovin’ all y’all as well!


Sister Good


Pictures Below!!

We went on a hike last Pday!

Week 40-01

Week 40-02

Fun fact…we got transferred to Africa.

Week 40-03

Week 40-04

Week 40-05

Week 40-06

Elder Wu made me take these picture of him posing like he’s cool or something.

Week 40-07

Week 40-08

I hit my 9 month mark! So here is my “pregnant picture” haha 9 MONTHS!

Week 40-09

We had dinner at a Yunnan restaurant!

Week 40-10

My lovely duanchuan (短傳 Short-Term Missionary), Sister Wu!

Week 40-11

Week 40-12

Week 40-13

We went knocking the other day and sang “Do you want a Book of Mormon” to the tune of “Do you wanna build a snowman”…gah I love missionary work!

Week 40-14

Week 40-15


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