Week 41 – Worth Every Minute

Hey Y’all!


But before I get into this week, I must tell y’all about the updates from my last area, Taidong! Last month, the Hualien district became the Hualien Stake! And the Taidong 1st branch is no longer a branch, it’s the Taidong 1st Ward now! Can you believe it! I was sad to leave right before all of these exciting things in the east coast were happening, but it is amazing how hard all of the missionaries that served in the east coast worked to help the church grow. The Taiwan Taipei Mission is now the only Mission in ALL of Asia that consists of all stakes and no districts!! WHOOOHOOOO THE CHURCH IS TRUEEEEEE!!

First off, I was with my duanchuan (短傳 or short-term missionary companion), Sister Wu, all this week! It was super fun chuanjiao-ing (傳教or missionary-ing) with her, but exhausting at the same time because I had to do all of the work, since she’s only a missionary for a week, and has no experience being a missionary. But I still had a blast and we saw so many miracles!

One of which was LARRY!! We went knocking after church last Sunday, and were being rejected like crazy. Sister Wu was sick of people slamming their doors on us so she started telling me to talk to people walking around on the street we were on. We saw a guy walk out of his house, and we ran over and started talking to him. It was Larry! He’s home from college for the summer, and we had a lesson with him. He said his parents are both Buddhist, but he doesn’t believe in Buddhism, that he like the idea of Christianity better. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and set up to meet with him later that week. When we met with him, we taught him the first lesson. We had a great first lesson. The best part was after I recited Joseph Smith’s First Vision, I asked him if he believed it to be true. HE SAID YES! It was just amazing to see how strong his faith was! When we invited him to baptism, he said that he thinks that all he has to do is believe in God, and that that is enough. So we didn’t set a date with him that day. We invited him to English class and he loved it! His English is really good…he worked at Yellowstone National Park for a summer. Super cool. Then he came to church on Sunday and loved it, and apparently in Priesthood, he gave some really great insights. We are meeting with him tonight and going to help him come unto Christ!!

We went and visited an investigator that we knocked into yesterday. Her name is Xie Ama (Grandma Hsieh). Her husband and daughter (about 40 years old, also a Christian) kept telling us to leave, but Xie Ama told us to ignore them and to help her make dumplings. So we were kinda caught in an awkward situation, but we stayed and helped. Her daughter had to leave the house, but she kept calling the house phone, and told her mother to tell us to leave. Her mom said she didn’t want us to leave, and to be nice to us. But her daughter kept calling and calling and Xie Ama was ignoring her call. Xie Agong (Grandpa Hsieh) picked up and gave the phone to me. Her daughter then proceeded to yell into the phone: “Get out of my house this instant!” so, we left, and Xie Ama was upset with her daughter for telling us to leave. But the last thing we want to do is cause contention in the family. I just pray that Xie Ama’s family’s hearts will be softened when future missionaries visit them and teach them how families can be together forever, and that there are heaps of blessing in store for them.

We have been visiting with a less active, Sister Chen, trying to get her back into activity. She is the cutest women ever! She has to walk with a cane because she has back issues and she is the only member in her family. He get married a few years ago and is really happy with her relationship, but she hopes that her husband will be open to the gospel soon. She’s been a member for 12 years, but has never been to the temple, so our goal was to help her do that. We have been teaching her about the importance of temple and helping her develop those Christ-like attributes that she wants to have. She felt as though she’s not ready to enter such a sacred place. After weeks of meeting with her, we asked her to call Bishop Huang to set up an interview so he can help her get a recommend, and they set up for the following Sunday (yesterday). We asked how her interview went and she said “Well…I got a temple recommend!” I was so happy to see that Bishop Huang was told by the spirit that Sister Chen is ready to enter the house of the Lord. She will do so many great things in the temple for those who are waiting in the Spirit World!

As missionaries, we go through a lot to get people to come unto Christ. We always wonder when our work will pay off. This Sunday, I witnessed the most amazing thing a missionary can witness, other than a baptism. Lin ZhengXin, our recent convert, passing the sacrament! It is truly amazing to see that in less than a month’s time, he went from being confused in life to finding his purpose, and now he holds the priesthood of God. I was in tears when he came over and extended the tray of bread, and then the tray of water, to me. As I partook of the sacrament this week, the Spirit testified to me that my decision to serve a mission was right. I get a front row seat to people finding true happiness and salvation from Jesus Christ. Being a missionary is so hard, but after seeing Brother Lin pass the sacrament yesterday, I completely forgot about how hard missionary work is, but truly how worth it a mission is.

I love you all!

Sister Good


Went to Taipei 101 last P-day!

Week 41-01

With President Jergensen and his beautiful family!

Week 41-02

NU Pasta with my duanchuan (短傳)!

Week 41-03

Week 41-04

Week 41-05

Week 41-06

Egg Roll box as their mailbox. I just had to snap a picture!

Week 41-07

Like I said before, Elder Young is my favorite. We call him “Yang Beibei”…or Uncle Young haha!

Week 41-08

Week 41-09

Sister Wu and I teaching the little kids English!

Week 41-10

Week 41-11

Proselyting during the Typhoon!!!!

Week 41-12

Week 41-13

Daily Planning session. Sister Lin and I are being focused (kinda) and our duanchuans are just messing around haha.

Week 41-14

Week 41-15

Then going back up to Taipei to drop our babies off!!! I miss Sister Wu and Sister Zhang so much already!

Week 41-16

Week 41-17

Then we all went to eat at NU Pasta!

Week 41-18

Week 41-19

Had lunch with a less active, (Jian Jiemei) and our RS Pres (Li Jiemei)

Week 41-20

Week 41-21

AND I ORDERED WAN DOU FEN! I remember Grandma and Mom would always make this for me when I was little!

Week 41-22

Afterwards we went to get shaved ice and, of course, I got Mangguo chua bing (Mango Shaved Ice)!

Week 41-23

Week 41-24


Week 41-25


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