Week 42 – Meeting President Jergensen!

Hey Y’all!

It is currently Wednesday at about 5 in the morning here in Taiwan because TODAY IS TEMPLE DAY! That is why we were having PDay today and not Monday. We are so lucky to be in a mission with a temple! We get to go do ordinances every other transfer. This is my first time going to the temple in Taipei because I was in Taidong for the first part of my mission and it’s too far for missioanries to travel up. But now that I’m in Taoyuan, it takes us about an hour to get to Taipei via train and then Subway! I am so excited! Our district is planning on going up together and going Ice Skating in Xinmending!

I realized I forgot to write about us meeting President Jergensen for the first time last week! The Jergensens went around to every zone to do a “Meet the Family” tour and I absolutely LOVE their family! They have 6 kids, and the oldest 3 live in….TEXAS!!!! His two oldest sons are in medical school in Dallas, and his oldest daughter is living in Houston (right downtown). We got to meet their 3 youngest kids. Maddie is starting her sophomore year at BYU, and she is just here for the summer. Their twins, Brecken and Daxton (I think that’s how you spell their names) are 15 and so great. They told funny stories about their family, and shared videos and showed us pictures. I can really feel the great desire they have to help this mission grow. They care so much about us. I chatted with Sister Jergensen for a while, talking about Texas (they lived in Texas for a while before moving to Utah) and other things. I also asked President Jergensen if her remembers Aunt Deanna (they served their missions in Taipei at the same time), and he does! I just absolutely love the Jergensens and I’m excited for their time here in the Taiwan Taipei Mission. We had interviews with President this past Monday and that went great as well!!!

This is their website that they created for their stay in Taiwan! Here is the Taoyuan zone!!!



This Saturday was amazing day. Sister Lin and I were up in Taipei because we were giving temple tours, and that day also happened to be the Taidong’s temple day! I saw a lot of the members from Taidong and it was so good seeing them! They were telling me all about how last month went with them becoming and stake and I wish I could’ve been there for everything! AND GUESS WHO CAME TO THE TEMPLE TOUR: LARRY! He is really great, we’ve been having a lessons with him and he loves everything about the gospel, and he loved the temple tour! His baptismal date is for the 15th, and we really hope he will be able to make his date!

Also, Duo YongLan A’yi 多永蘭阿姨 (Aunt Nikita) came for a temple tour! She had her temple tour with Larry. They are friends now haha. Anyway, I was so happy to see her, and to be able to introduce the gospel to her. We started the tour singing a hymn in the chapel. I chose to sing “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer”, because it’s my favorite song about the restoration. After we finished the song, I looked as Nikita and saw that there were tears streaming down her face. I knew right then that she was moved by the spirit. It was truly an amazing experience to see a family member who is very very Buddhist be so moved by a song about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. That just testified to me even more about how true this message is, and that EVERYONE needs to hear it. We gave her and Larry the tour we had planned out, talking about Joseph Smith and what he did. We ended the tour with a conference talk by Elder Holland (by that time Jincheng shushu 金城叔叔, Nikita’s husband, had joined us), and we heard his testimony about Joseph and Hyrum Smith’s sacrifice to once again organize Christ’s church on the earth. I testified with all of my heart that this message that we are sharing in true, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had the fullness of the gospel in my life. I gave Nikita a Book of Mormon, and asked if she and Jincheng were willing to have missionaries in their area visit with them. Without hesitation they said yes! They also referred half of the family to the missionaries while they were there because, according to Nikita, our family here in Taiwan is a mess haha. By the time we were done with the temple tour, it was dinner time and they treated us to eat DingTaiFeng, a really famous restaurant in Taiwan, and also some really yummy Manguo bing! Hopefully that visit on Saturday made a mark on her, and I really hope she will be touched by the Spirit again when the missionaries pay her a visit.

I love y’all. The church is true!


Sister Good


Yang Beibei

Week 42-01

We got chinged to a Korean restaurant!

Week 42-02

Larry came to Taipei to check out our temple tours!

Week 42-03

Week 42-04

Found this on a random scooter!

Week 42-05

District Meeting! We tried to be as natural as possible.

Week 42-06

Week 42-07

Me teaching the little kids in English Class!

Week 42-08

Ran into my duanchuan at the temple!

Week 42-09

Week 42-10

And she sent me some pictures from last week!

Week 42-11

Week 42-12

Week 42-13

I also saw my Young Women from Taidong at the temple!! I missed them so much!

Week 42-14

Look who else was there! Aunt Nikita and Uncle Ken!!

Week 42-15

Week 42-16

Week 42-17


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