Week 43 – A Short Week in Taiwan!

Hey y’all!

We had a really short week, since the last time we emailed was Wednesday.

Larry is doing great!  He is really progressing in the gospel.  He hangs out with the single adults in our word and has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ.  The only issue that is keeping him from being baptized is that he came out as bisexual last month.  When we taught him the church’s stand on this topic, he was a little upset.  We explained the importance of establishing a family on earth, and how this gift that God gave us to create is extremely sacred and should be between and man and his wife after they have been legally and lawfully married.   But even after our lesson on the Law of Chastity, he still comes to church, he still wants to invite us over to his house for lunch, and today he’s going swimming with the YSA.  And he’s still willing to meet with us.  I’ve had a really special feeling about Larry since the day that I met him.  Sister Ma (YSA RM from the Temple Square Mission in Utah) has the same feeling too.  We both feel like we knew him before.  We have a feeling we were best friends with Larry in the pre-existence.  It’s amazing.

We got dropped this week by Sister Youlifen.  Also, Sister Laipeiying doesn’t want to be baptized, but still wants to come to church every Sunday because there is air-conditioning….

We need to find more people to teach!  This next week will be a finding week for Sister Lin and me!!


Sister Good


Temple Day!!  Sister Ma was there doing Temple Work!!!

Week 43-01

Cutest yummiest shrimp gratin ever!!

Week 43-02

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elder Young:

Week 43-03

Week 43-04

Week 43-05

Week 43-06

So…this is a funny story.  One of our less actives brought home a new kitty and her old cat is super jealous and angry about it…

Week 43-07

Look at the fury in his eyes!!

Week 43-08

He hates the kitty.  But the new baby is soooo cute and teeny!

Week 43-09

Week 43-10


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