Week 45 > Typhoon!

Hey y’all!

I only have half an hour to email today because we just got back from having the best P-day ever! We went to Leofoo Village (六褔村), and rode rollercoasters! It was super fun, but there was this one ride that ruined it for us, because we all got super sick afterwards…it was super fun! Larry went with us, along with Sister Ma and Brother Chen. It was a blast!

We were stuck in the apartment all day on Saturday because of the Typhoon that hit us. We didn’t have electricity for 18 hours. So we ended up having a sleepover at Sister Ma’s house and it probably wasn’t the smartest idea because we stayed up past our bedtime and were really tired for our Sunday meetings, but we got through it and it was still very spiritual!

Dear President Jergensen,

Well, another transfer just flew by so quickly! There are so many things that I have learned this transfer. One of my favorites is that as we develop those Christ-like Attributes, we cannot fill ourselves with just one. We need to leave room for others. The challenge is to have the perfect balance of each attribute. Before I was companions with Sister Lin, I was pretty strong in diligence, patience, and charity. However, I didn’t have much room for any more attributes like obedience or humility. As Sister Lin and I have spent these 2 transfers together, we learned together that we can’t just be strong in a few Christ-like attributes, but we have to be strong in ALL of them! I am so grateful for these past two transfers with Sister Lin, and her helping me expand, developing more attribute of Christ in order to be a more consecrated missionary. I have grown the most out of these past two transfers that I have my entire mission, and I am honestly feeling very confident in the work.

I just want to share a quick testimony that I know my Savior lives, and loves me too. I know that as I strive to be like him, there will be blessings showered upon me, my area, and my companion. I am so excited to see what this next transfer brings, whether Sister Lin gets transferred or not.

We love you President Jergensen! Keep on rockin’ it!


Sister Good



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