Week 46 – Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Dear All,

Perhaps Tiffany forgot to hit ‘Send’ on her letter this week. But here are the pictures promised from last week. She has a new companion…I think it is Sister Ioane! She has some great pics this week though…enjoy! She’ll turn 20 a week from today. My little girl is all grown up! J or L…I can’t decide!


Typhoon Pics…

Week 46-01

Week 46-02

Week 46-03

Week 46-04

These two little girls remind me of me, Alexis and Rebekkah when we were little because they’re halfsies J The bishop’s kids also jumped in the photo! [Dad: Two of them look just like Tiffany when she was little!]

Week 46-05

Leofoo Village!

Week 46-06

Week 46-06

Week 46-07

Week 46-08

Week 46-09

Best District ever. J.C. Crew

Week 46-10

Week 46-11

Week 46-12

Sister Oviatt and Sister Hendricks!!!

Week 46-13

Our murder mystery English class party!

Week 46-14

Week 46-15

We “murdered” Elder Lee and he walked around as a ghost the entire time! Haha!

Week 46-16

Week 46-17

Week 46-18

Sister Lin being trunky during companionship study because she is getting transfered.

Week 46-19

We played frisbee with the Tao 3 elders the last morning of transfers!

Week 46-20

Elder Nixon! He was really excited to see me because of you, Dad. He kept telling me how much he loves you by the way! [Dad: Elder Nixon broke both wrists playing basketball and was sent home for surgery and spent some time in our Chinese branch in Houston…Great Kid from College Station!]

Week 46-21

Sister Hendricks and Sister Haacke at transfers!

Week 46-22

Finding the other day that Taoyuan is still recovering from the Typhoon!

Week 46-23

Sister Ioane and me!

Week 46-24

More pictures from Leofoo!

Week 46-25

Week 46-26

Week 46-27

Week 46-28

Larry’s awesome picture he took.

Week 46-29

Temple Tour Training!

Week 46-30


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