[Monday was Tiff’s B-Day!]

Yes! Yes! I totally forgot to hit “send” last week. I am so sorry! But here is what was supposed to be send to you last week…

Hey ya’ll!

Sister Lin got transferred to Sanchong (), so I got a new companion…Sister Ioane! She is from Tuvalu, this teeny tiny island north of Fiji. It is so small, the island is more like a ring of land with water in the middle and water surrounding it. Super cool. She was baptized in 2013, waited a year, and came out on her mission! She laughs all the time and makes me giggle. She is great! Her chinese isn’t very good compared to my other companions (haha they were all native Taiwanese) so it will be a challenge, but hopefully my Mandarin is good enough to carry us through the transfer!

Dear President Jergensen,

I am so excited for another transfer here in Taoyuan! I feel like I am so lucky to be serving here, in the BEST AREA EVER! And I am so excited to have Sister Ioane as my companion this transfer! She is the sweetest, and has SO much faith! I love her! But with being her companion, I realize that I have a lot more responsibility on my shoulders now. BUT I am so willing to take on the challenge! Bring it on!

Sister Ioane and I had 3 hours of finding yesterday, and it was very eventful. We didn’t get any new investigators, we didn’t give out any Books of Mormon, and we had one lesson with a Presbyterian lady who said she wasn’t interested, she just likes to pray. But eventful it was, because I know the Lord is teaching us something very important. Rejection is just the Lord giving us a chance to prove our commitment to him. That is something I learned from the Temple Tour Training this week. I am so committed to finding those prepared souls, and I hope I can satisfy Heavenly Father in my dedication to him. I know that success isn’t measured by numbers, but by the amount of work you put into it.

I love my Heavenly Father! I also love the Jergensen Family!


Sister Good

I just realized that it was incomplete and there was lots more information that was supposed to be there but I forgot what I wanted to type…SO HERE IS THIS WEEK:

It has been really hard lately here in 桃二. We have been finding a lot, and have had little success. It’s really draining, because there you are, out knocking on doors, contacting people on motor scooters talking to strangers on the street, having faith that they are the one you are supposed to talk to, that they are the one the spirit has lead you to, to receive the gospel. And most of the time, nothing. If I had a penny for every time someone said to us: “No need”, “All churches are the same”, “Don’t waste that book by giving it to us”, “We are Buddhists”, I could literally buy all of the mango shaved ice Taiwan has to offer. BUT, something amazing happened Saturday night.

We were a ‘knockin’ on this one street, and it was the same pattern…no one wanted to give us a chance to share our message. Right when we were about to turn back and head to the next street we had planned on going to, Sister Ioane and I decided to just try one more lane in the neighborhood. We rang the first doorbell, and a girl answered. Her name is Rosa. We had a really nice conversation with her. We found out that she was baptized into another Christian church 2 years ago, after being hospitalized for a while. Her parents did not approve of it, because they are devout Buddhists, and in order to not get yelled at by her parents, she has to be really careful when she prays, as to not get caught by her parents. She said that Christianity truly healed her, and when we asked her, “What is the one thing you wants most in life?” She replied, “To spread the gospel!” Rosa expressed how she doesn’t understand how her parents can’t accept how much HAPPINESS the knowledge that Christ and Heavenly Father exists is. She said she has heard of us Mormons, and she thinks what we are doing is great, and was curious how we choose where to knock on doors. I replied “Well, it’s simple. First, we pray to ask Heavenly Father where he wants us to go. Then we look at a map of our area. After that, we follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost and pick a street to find on.” Her eyes got so wide. “Wow. That is amazing”, she said. No, SHE is amazing! We set up with her for Thursday, and she is really excited to have someone to talk about God with. I can’t wait for Thursday!

As far as investigators go: we have had some success in finding people that we think are SO ready to come unto Christ and be baptized. BUT there always seems to be an issue that keeps them from making this sacred covenant. For example:

  1. 陳DX (弟兄): No faith at all, but wants to be baptized…weird right?
  2. Larry: Law of Chastity issues.
  3. 游JM (姊妹): Severe anxiety, refuses to leave the house.
  4. 賴JM (姊妹): Only likes coming to church for the AC.

So I’ve kind of been losing faith on helping investigators progress in the gospel. Yesterday, we had a lesson with 鍾JM (姊妹) and her daughter Cindy. We taught Lesson 3, or the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”. She had a lot of questions about baptism, and that led to the topic of her baptismal date, September 5th. She started off by saying “I don’t want to be baptized that day…” and I just thought to myself “Oh no, she’s going to say she’s not ready…” BUT THEN SHE CONTINUED “…because I want to get baptized on my birthday, September 12th.” WHATTT. I was so surprised and happy I couldn’t contain it. I started crying and ran over to her and gave her a huge hug! Then I asked her daughter “Do you want to be baptized with your mom?” and she nodded yes, and had the biggest smile on her face when I ran up and hugged her too! I feel like Heavenly Father is finally blessing us for our efforts here, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve as a missionary!

I love my Savior and I know that he lives. I also know that 鍾JM (姊妹) and Cindy know that He lives too!

I love y’all!


Sister Good


Our district hiked up Tiger Head Mountain 虎頭山 and took some sweet pictures!

Week 47-01

Week 47-02

Week 47-03

Week 47-04

Week 47-05

Week 47-06

This dude…so scary. Jesus is shuai-er (更帥)

Week 47-07

Sister Ioane!

Week 47-08

I love our district.

Week 47-09

What I had for dinner the other day: a salad and some fruit.

What Sister Ioane had for dinner the other day: 2 pieces of cake.

I wish I could be like her.

Week 47-10


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