Week 49 – Filling up Baptismal Records!

Hey, Y’all!

I forgot my camera, so no pics this week, I’m sorry! I didn’t have many interesting pictures this week anyway.

I guess the most exciting thing that happened this week is that sister Zhong and Cindy passed their baptismal interview! Sister Zhong went in to be interviewed by Elder Wu first, and left Cindy to hang out with Sister Ioane and me. We were just chatting it up with Cindy and we found out that she has been trying to spread the gospel to her friends, even to her teachers! She said she asked her teacher: “Do you want to be a Christian?” and he sister replied: “Uh…I probably don’t have time to do that.” Made me giggle a little…hahahah!I asked her if she wants to serve a mission and she said she REALLY wants to! She wants to serve in the States, and I told her she’s going to have to consistently come to our free English classes to prepare for her mission (she has to wait nine more years). Then I whipped out my handy dandy temple magazine and showed her pictures of temples and the rooms in the temples and she was so amazed by how beautiful temples are. Sister Zhong came back and Cindy went in for her interview, and sister Zhong started filling out her baptismal record. I LOVE IT WHEN WE FILL UP BAPTISMAL RECORDS.

On Sunday, they came to church and Sister Zhong showed me the new background on her phone…you’ll never guess what it is now! It’s a picture of Joseph Smith’s first vision! That same day, we taught them about temples. Sister Zhong loves temples. She was so worried before about her parents not letting her get baptized because they know that Christians can’t worship idols, or ancestors. After learning what we do in the temples for our ancestors, and that we were able to be sealed together with our families forever, she has an even greater desire to be baptized. I love them so much! I can’t wait for the baptism on Saturday.

I have been so grateful this transfer. Recently, I have been grateful for everything that comes my way, and I have been letting Heavenly Father know that. I am SO blessed to be serving in Taiwan. I am SO blessed to be in Taoyuan. I am SO blessed to have Sister Ioane as my companion. I am SO blessed to have the gospel in my life. I feel as I am undeserving of all these blessings. However, I will never stop from being grateful. I will never stop thanking my Heavenly Father, I will never stop preaching the gospel, because everyone deserves the blessings and happiness that this gospel brings!

I love y’all,

Sister Good


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