Week 50 – Dou Hua / 豆花 / DaoWhey

Hey Y’all!

First, let me tell you about my new obsession. Douhua (豆花). Douhua is a dessert, and it’s made from bean curd. It doesn’t have a taste to it, it’s pretty much like really, really soft tofu and they put this really yummy sugar water in the bowl with the douhua and you can add different toppings. I like to eat it with tapioca balls and sweet peanuts. I had in three days in a row this week. Don’t judge me.

Sister Ioane is great, we have lots of laughs, and I love her so much! When we got back from Taipei, we went straight to the church for the Musical Fireside that the Peach Garden 2nd Ward (Taoyuan 2nd ward hahaa it’s literal translation). I sang “I stand all amazed” as a solo, and it went pretty good! But Sister Ma had a Viola solo. She played “If you could hie to Kolob”, the Celtic version, and it totally brought me to tears. She is SO talented.

On Saturday, Sister Ioane and I went to Taipei to do temple tours. I got to see Sister Huang, my trainer, because she brought one of her investigators to do tours with. After Sister Ioane and I gave them the tour, Sister Huang and I got to catch up on a lot of things and reminisce about the time we were in Taidong together. Like there was one time during companionship study when I was making fun of her hairy legs (the Taiwanese don’t shave ANYTHING) and I told her they were gross, so I shaved her legs for her. Since then she’s been shaving her legs haha. We had such a great time together!

ALSO, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO I RAN INTO AT THE TEMPLE. Remember Devin had a Taiwanese companion in Alaska? YEP. I RAN IN TO ELDER WANG. He just got back from his mission a week ago, and of course, as a newly returned missionary, his mind is still kind of focused on missionaries, so he came up and talked to us. I asked him where he served his mission and he said Alaska, and that is when I knew that he was one of Devin’s companions! So we talked for a while, and he is a really cool dude. Devin, he told me to say Hi to you!!! 🙂

Sister Ioane and I had to leave a bit early from Taipei because we had to run back to Taoyuan for Sister Zhong and Cindy’s baptism! Sister Lin also got permission from President Jergensen to attend, so I got to see her as well! I gave talk on the Holy Ghost at the baptism, which was cool, I haven’t given a talk ever since I was still serving in Colorado. But it went good I guess! When Sister Zhong went to bear her testimony of the baptism, she was just in tears. She was so happy she made this decision to be baptized. The next day they were confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. Later that night (yesterday) I called her to follow up on everything. She asked me how I felt when I received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I told her that I don’t remember that much because I was only 8, but what I do remember, is that when I was being giving the blessing, it was just…comfortable. That is all I remember was that it was comfortable. And because it was comfortable, I knew that it was real. After sharing what I felt, Sister Zhong told me that she felt good when she was confirmed, but she didn’t have the same experience that Cindy had. Cindy told her mom “Mom, when they laid their hands on my head, I felt a rush of power go through my entire body. Mom, I know that it was Heavenly Father. I know that he loves me.” Sister Zhong didn’t have that same experience, and she wondered if her daughter was more susceptible. I told her that everyone’s experience is different, and that as we continue to keep the commandments, we will be able to feel the Holy Ghost more and more in our lives. I testified to her that I absolutely cannot deny that what she did was right. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is so real.

I love y’all!

Sister Good


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