Week 51 > Outdoor Zone Conference!

Hey y’all!

This week was super-duper fun! We had outdoor Zone Conference, which is like normal Zone Conference, but outdoors! (Duh). We hiked up Yangming Mountain (陽明山), and there were rest stops on the way up and down where we had training and spiritual shares. It was so beautiful and so spiritual. Sister Ioane has never been on a hike before, so she was struggling a bit going up and down the mountain, but with a little push, she made it through! I am so proud of her! The result of it was extremely sore thighs, so we have been taking a little extra time traveling to lessons because Sister Ioane has been in pain biking to appointments. I make fun of her for it and we’ve had a great time laughing about it together this week!

After Zone Conference, Sister Ioane and I got an opportunity to take one of our Recent Converts, Valery, to do baptisms for the first time. She was baptized last December, and has already filled out her mission papers!!! We are currently working with her to build her confidence in opening her mouth and sharing the gospel, and taking her to the temple really helped her spiritually. She is the cutest and I am so excited for her to get out and serve!

Transfers are coming up, and we find out if we are being transferred on Wednesday…I keep having dreams that I get transferred to certain areas of the mission. Is this a sign? We shall know in 2 days…

Dear President Jergensen,

This week’s outdoor Zone Conference was so great! Thank you so much for providing that spiritual boost that we all needed!

 There has been one really important thing that I’ve learned on my mission and it’s that you are sent to an area with a specific companion for a reason. And every companion that you have helps you prepare for your next companion. And maybe you don’t really like your new area, but it will grow on you. My last companion, Sister Lin, taught me a very important lesson. She would always ask me “Do you really love the people here? Do you really love this area? Because if you don’t, then why bother serving them?” I thought it was super harsh they way she told me, but it was true. Why bother doing anything for anyone if you don’t love them? The only reason Jesus served was because he had an unconditional love for us, and for Heavenly Father. We love Heavenly Father, so we are out here doing his work. We are serving our brothers and sisters, who we love. So my whole perspective on my mission changed. Love is literally the motive to a successful mission.

 I love Sister Ioane, and I have learned so much from her. She makes every situation a positive situation and I am soooooo grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve with her this transfer. Sometimes I get a little impatient with her, but it is all part of the learning experience. Every time she would make a mistake, I would get frustrated, but she would laugh. Every time I made a mistake, I would get frustrated, but she would laugh. She teaches me to look at the positive side for everything that comes our way. This transfer has been one of the best transfers ever! I’m nervous to hear if either one of us gets transferred on Wednesday…

 Thank you so much for your service! We love you!

Sister Good


Sister Ioane and I found some pancake mix in the apartment and we had fun with it!

Week 51-01

Outdoor Zone Conference!

Week 51-02

Week 51-03

Week 51-04

Week 51-05

This group of old Asians were a little too excited when they saw a group of Americans liking the same trail as they were!

Week 51-06

Week 51-07

Our sack lunch for the hike. Bread with ham, lettuce, and cold cheese. It was delicious!! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had something as American as this?!?!?

Week 51-08

Week 51-09

Week 51-10

Week 51-11

Week 51-12

Sister Pendergrass!!

Week 51-13

Sister Coleman!!

Week 51-14

Week 51-15

Week 51-16

Sister Ioane’s excitement for the hike!!!

Week 51-17

Week 51-18

Week 51-19

The district!

Week 51-20

Sister Jensen!!!

Week 51-21

MY STRAP BROKE 20 MINUTES INTO THE HIKE! I was really grateful that I liked watching “Man vs. Wild” because Bear Grylls taught me to work with what I have. SO I MADE IT WORK!

Week 51-22

Week 51-23

Dinner with the Mao’s!

Week 51-24

Characteristics of a Taiwan Sister Missionary… Shoe and watch tan lines.

Week 51-25

Week 51-26


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