Week 52 – 17 Miracles

Hey y’all!

First, I gotta say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBEKKAH AND DADDY! I hope y’all had a fantastic birthday and ate lots of cake and ice cream!


There have been more visa issues with this next set of missionaries, so they moved the transfer date a week later to this Thursday. So I haven’t gotten news on whether I will be being transferred yet. I really hope I don’t leave, because I absolutely love this ward. I love Peach Garden (桃園)! But I know that the Lord will send me where he needs me to be so I will be content with anything that happens!


Companionships are less likely to stalk up on food the last P-day of the transfer, because they don’t want to be food if they’re just going to move to a different area. So, last Monday, Sister Ioane and I didn’t buy groceries, because we knew we would have enough to last us through until transfers (plus, we are trying to budget out money better). But then, on Tuesday, we got the notification that transfers would be a week later. Sister Ioane and I freaked out because we knew we wouldn’t have enough food for Sunday lunch. I had a thought to go to the grocery store during our lunch time to buy food, but Sister Ioane didn’t have a good feeling about it. We ended up not buying food, and were super worried all week. But I knew that because we were obedient, the Lord would bless us.

Sunday morning, we went to church. One of our members comes in with a huge bag of…FRUIT AND BREAD. “This is for the Sister Missionaries!” FREE FOOD. I can absolutely testify that obedience DOES bring blessings!

17 Miracles:

This week was the very first time I have seen “17 Miracles”, the movie about the Willie handcart company. It was one of the most moving movies I have ever seen. It makes me so grateful for the pioneers that crossed the plains to get to Utah so that they could get to “Zion”, or Utah. I remember reading on family search that I have ancestors that came from Denmark and England to settle in Utah so that they could practice Mormonism in peace. And most of the pioneers in the Willie Handcart Company were from Denmark and England. Many of them passed away but knew it would be worth it. If it wasn’t for their sacrifice, I probably wouldn’t have the fullness of the everlasting gospel in my life. There was a deleted scene where a man was dying of starvation, and his wife asked him if he regretted leaving England. His response was, “No. Not as long as my children can raise their posterity in Zion.” My serving a mission is their dream, and I have to be the best I can this time of my life to continue their Legacy!

That was our theme for our English class party this week. “The Oregon Trail” and we had our students split into handcart companies and go through challenges and activities like “Crossing the Platte River” or “Indian Attack”, that lots of pioneers had to go through. It was an absolute blast! For our spiritual share, we played a clip from “17 Miracles”, where the Cunningham family found their daughter, Betsy, frozen. They had to leave with the rest of the company, and the ground was too hard to be broken to bury her, so they laid a blanket on her and left with the rest of the company. As they left, Sister Cunningham remembered a blessing the family received before embarking on their journey to Zion. A worthy priesthood holder said they would get to Zion with “all the members of [their] family.” The Cunningham family went back to Betsy and uncovered her frozen, pale body. Sister Cunningham said a prayer asking for the Lord’s help. After saying amen, she told the family to warm some water and pour it on Betsy’s feet and neck. Miraculously, Betsy came back.

These miracles really happened. They are true stories. The pioneers had so much faith in Heavenly Father, and relied on him so much. I know that these miracles can happen to us. As long as we remember our Heavenly Father, and always have faith in him.

I love my mission, I love being a missionary, I love my Heavenly Father!


Sister Good


I love Sister Ioane!!!!

Week 52-01

Week 52-02

English Class Party!

Week 52-03

Valery, our recent convert who we are helping prepare her for her mission!

Week 52-04

We have fun with Valery during our lessons with her. This was also the day that we found out that Sister Ioane is extremely buff. She is literally a rock.

Week 52-05

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was playing on one of the restaurants that a member took us to. It really didn’t help that the member, Belle (her last name is Ding. So her name is literally Belle Ding. But what’s funny is that her older brother’s name is Jingle. Jingle Ding. Belle Ding. I die) is also a die-hard Harry Potter fan. We had an awesome conversation about Harry Potter and we TOTALLY found a way to link it to the gospel. Harry Potter will help you in the eternities, y’all.

Week 52-06

Week 52-07

Here’s a fun story:

Sister Ioane and I were waiting for our investigator to come out of his house so we could walk with him to church,,,

Week 52-08

…we called and called, and no answer…

Week 52-09

…even rang his doorbell, and no answer…

Week 52-10

…THEN HE APPEARS. And we were able to take him to church!!!!! YAYYYY

Week 52-11


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