Week 53 – Transfers!! (06-Oct-2015)

Hey y’all!

TRANSFER CALLS:  Tuesday morning, Sister Ioane and I set up to meet with Valery, our recent convert, when we ran into Sister Ma (RM in our ward who served in Temple Square).  She was asking if we got transferred, and we told her we haven’t received a call yet.  JUST THEN, THE PHONE RANG.  IT WAS OUR ZONE LEADERS.  I picked up and put it on speaker.  We found out that Sister Ioane is staying and I am…….ALSO STAYING!  Sister Ma and I were jumping up and down and dancing and screaming of joy!  I get the chance to serve in Taoyuan for 6 months!  That is 1/3 of my mission!  YAYYYY!

The typhoon hit us this week!  We are all fine, but our AC got flooded, and we have been without AC for a week.  BUMMER.  So Sister Ioane and I haven’t been getting much sleep due to the heat and humidity that is taking over our apartment at night.  We keep waking up to sweat and I’m dying!  Hopefully we will be getting it fixed this week!

We have this amazing investigator, Alan, who we met while English Boarding (passing out flyers for our Free English Class we offer every Wednesday night).  He is 21 years old, and is super interested in learning about Jesus Christ.  We had an amazing first lesson with him, and we invited him to baptism.  His response was “Isn’t that my purpose in meeting with you?” I have never heard any investigator say that after an invitation to baptism.  My soul was filled to the brim with joy!  We set a date for November 7th, and he is really excited to be meeting with us, as are we with him!  He didn’t come to church this week eve, though he promised he would, but we are hoping he will come next week!  🙂

Dear President Jergensen,

This was a week of miracles and learning!  The biggest miracle was made on Saturday when Sister Ioane and I went to Taipei to do Temple Tours.  Elder Ploeg and Elder Okeson brought one of their new investigators, Brother Hu (whom they contacted the previous night) to learn about the church, and of course, we were ecstatic to give them a tour!  Brother Hu is from China and is here for a semester on a special college program with his friend, Sister Zhang.  They were so interested in learning about Christianity.  Both being brought up in China, they have been completely isolated from the concept of God, of a Heavenly Father.  They asked so many good questions (some of them were quite difficult to answer).  When we got to the subject of the Atonement, Sister Zhang was completely intrigued.  She wondered how someone who has sinned as much as her could possibly be forgiven of her transgressions.  We testified with all of our hearts that night, that Heavenly Father is merciful, that Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gave his Only Begotten to suffer, bleed, and die for ALL of mankind’s transgressions.  She was completely in tears by the end of the tour.  She and Brother Hu ended up setting up to meet with Elder Ploeg and Elder Okeson the following week!!!

I have learned a very important lesson this week.  Forgiveness is a very important step to happiness.  This week, Sister Ioane really tested my patience.  I became quite upset, and I did not like these feelings that were stirring within me.  I wanted to get rid of them, but I knew that yelling, or getting mad would definitely not do any good.  That would take away the meaning of myself being a representative of Jesus Christ.  I know that the way Jesus would handle this situation, or any situation for that matter, would be through love.  So that is what I did.  I ran up to Sister Ioane, hugged her, and told her that I loved her.  I told her how amazing she is, and what a great example she is to me.  All of those negative feelings magically disappeared.  I honestly was so surprised on how quickly they left.  That just testified to me that LOVE HEALS EVERYTHING.  And that is why the Atonement worked!  Because Heavenly Father and Jesus loves us SO much.

I am so grateful for my Savior, I am grateful for His Atonement, and I am so grateful to be Sister Ioane’s companion!

Sister Ioane and I love you and your family so very much!  Thank you so much for your service!


Sister Good


I hit my year mark this week!  To celebrate my (mission) birthday, Sister Ioane and I went and got…..DOUHUA!  (豆花)!  We found this cute little豆花place behind our chapel this week and is comes with hot tapioca with some sort of flour ball wrapped inside.  It’s called fenyuan (粉圓).  But you pour the hot粉圓onto the cold豆花and then you explode of happiness because it is literally that delicious!!!

Week 53-01

Week 53-02

Week 53-04

Week 53-03

We also ate some YUMMY Korean tofu soup.

Week 53-05

For lunch when we were in Taipei doing temple tours, we had to stop by and get Mango Shaved Ice, right on the famous Yong Kang Street!!

Week 53-06

My companion working hard and hardly working.

Week 53-07


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