Week 54 – Conference Weekend – 12-Oct-2105

Hey y’all!

It was a pretty chill week!  Most of our lessons were aimed towards prepping our Investigators and Recent Converts/Less Actives for conference.  We talked a lot about modern day prophets and testifying on how each General Authority has been called of God, and everything they say to us is literally from our Father in Heaven.  I got pretty emotional when I testified about Thomas S. Monson being the prophet for our day.  I am so grateful that he has received inspiration to lower the age for Sisters to serve a mission.  If he hadn’t had done that, my life would be completely different.  I wouldn’t have been able to have these amazing experiences on my mission, or witness any miracles here in Taiwan.  When I watched him in conference, it totally broke my heart to see him look so tired.  I could tell that he was literally using all of his energy to speak to us Sunday Morning.  What a champ!  He is the only person in this Era that is able to receive the revelation for us, and he is doing a mighty fine job.  I loved when he said “Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other.”  I know that is so true, and he completely testified to President Uchtdorf’s talk two years ago when he said “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.”  Faith is the foundation of everything that we believe, and without that we have doubt, and with doubt, we have no hope.  In fact, we have nothing.  Faith is literally everything.

There are so many talks that I loved so much, including…

Elder Larry R. Lawrence’s talk:  He invited us to kneel in prayer and ask God “What is keeping me from progressing?”  That is something to truly ponder about.

Sister Carole M. Stephen’s talk:  God loves us so much that he gives us commandments, and they are to keep us safe from harm and heartache.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk:  The Gospel makes everything worth it, and it brings so much color and happiness to our lives.

Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s talk:  A connection between mothers and Jesus Christ.  I think the way he connected the way that our mothers “carried” and “labored” and “delivered” us to the way the Jesus Christ “carried” and “labored” and “delivered” us was absolutely brilliant.  Elder Holland mentioned the example of Lisa Tuttle Pieper, and her with her disabled daughter, Dora, at the re-dedication of the Mexico, Mexico City Temple.  Dora Pieper’s older sister was my roommate when I was serving in Taidong!

Sister Neill F. Marriott’s talk:  My favorite part was when she said with her beautiful southern accent, “I come from the deep south of the United States…”  I LOVE HER.

I wish I had more time to mention more amazing talks and go more into detail of what I have learned from these talks, but I am still learning from them and have a lot of pondering to do!

I hope y’all had a chance to watch conference, and if you haven’t I invite you to do so!


Love y’all!



Tiffany didn’t send pictures, so you get to see some baby pictures this week.  From Taiwan


With Grandpa Dwo




Is she holding Cinnamon?


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