Week 56 – Temple Day! October 26, 2015

Hey y’all!

Today is Temple Day! So just like about 3 months ago, I am writing this email at 4:30am so I can get to Taipei and do some sick ordinances! Whoooohoooo!

We had interviews with President Jergensen this week! It was pretty awesome.  President wanted to take this time to make sure we understand the new vision for the Taiwan Taipei Mission.  “Baptize, Retain, and Reactivate.” Baptizing our investigators by conversion and getting them into the water, retaining recent converts by getting them to the temple to do ordinances, and reactivating less actives by getting them to attend sacrament meeting.  Pretty simple to follow, but not the easiest to carry out.  However, I know that if we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, they will make these things happen.

One thing I love about missionary work is finding.  It can be really hard sometimes because you never really know what is going to happen.  You could get rejected or see huge miracles.  I was on exchanges with Sister Cutler this week and we went finding in this one sketchy lane under a bridge.  We walked up to this home of a couple who had their door open.  As we approached, we said “Hello, we are Sister Missionaries…” and they slowly turned around and slid their door shut.  That was fun haha.

That night, we were able to talk to this one guy and say a prayer with him.  He was pretty cool, gave us him number, but wasn’t willing to set up to meet with us because he is so busy with work and his family wouldn’t approve because they were devout Buddhists…that’s what I find so funny with grown ups here.  A lot of people we contact use their family as an excuse not to meet with us.  In Taiwan, you live with your parents until you get married, so if you are 40 and still single, you live with mom and dad.  Even when you are married, sometimes your wife moves in with you into your parent’s house.  The Taiwanese are very family oriented, which is so great when we teach the Plan of Salvation.  But it’s difficult to get to that point because they are afraid their family will oppose.  Many people we contact will also use the excuse of “No it’s okay, we are Buddhists, we don’t believe in that.  You should probably go find a Christian and preach to them.” THAT IS NOT THE POINT WE WANT TO SHARE A SWEET SWEET MESSAGE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND IT CAN BLESS YOUR LIFE! When we contact Christians, they say “I already believe in Jesus, you should go find some Buddhists and help them know who Jesus is.” …we just can’t win haha. But of course we do see miracles every day and because of our faith, Heavenly Father truly does bless us with Christians who want more of an answer than what they already have (our RC who was baptized June 13, 2015, Lin Zhengxin) and Buddhists who want happiness and hope in their lives (our RCs, Sister Li Mingzi, June 21, 2015, Sister Zhong Qiupeiwu, and her daughter Cindy, September 12, 2015).

We have District Meeting every Tuesday afternoon at 1:00pm.  We use this time to share spiritual insights, receive training, and account for our investigators and less actives that we are currently teaching.  To end our district meeting last week, Elder Wu, our district leader, asked us to take our name tags off and hand them into him.  I was hesitant, but I did as he said, took it off, and handed it to him, as did all of our district members.  I can honestly say it felt SO WEIRD to not have my name tag on.  It felt uncomfortable, actually.  Elder Wu then told us that we are going to be playing charades, and I thought “Oh no, what’s he going to do? Give us another missionary’s name tag and have us act out they way this person would teach the restoration, or something?” He then continued…”But this game of charades will be a little bit different than normal charades.  This time, you can use words.  Also, you are to play this game of charades for the rest of your life.  I will give you a name tag, and I want you to play the person whose name is biggest on your name tag.” As he handed back our name tags, we took them and looked at the name of who we were supposed to play for the rest of our lives.  耶穌基督.  Jesus Christ.  This will be the most challenging, but yet, BEST game of charades I have ever played.

I love this Gospel and I know it is true and can bring everlasting life! I am so grateful for the temple as well! YAYYYY


Sister Good


Artsy picture I took of the dessert I had….chocolate mousse!!!


Genesis 9:16


In support of Cindy (our RC) and her elementary school event!


Dinner at the Zhang family, then YSA Family Home Evening that night!





We are the Potterhead district





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