Week 57 – Temple Day – November 1, 2015

Hey y’all!


I passed Phase 2, and am now on Phase 3, which teaches missionaries how to read the Book of Mormon in characters!  Whooooohooo!

I got my Death Letter this week…which is the letter that all missionaries get when they have 6 months left asking for which airport they want to land in when they return home.  I am so completely torn right now!!  I can’t believe that I have been on my mission for this long already.  Time seriously goes by so fast!  I remember a year ago I was still in the MTC worrying about whether or not I would have to wait for my visa to come to Taiwan, and now I’m wondering how  I’m supposed to cope with going home!  BUT 6 months is still a really long time, and I have SO many people to talk to and to strengthen before going home!  I am so grateful for the time that the Lord has given me to do this work!

As y’all know, last P-Day was temple day!  It seriously felt so good to get go into the temple, and the feeling of peace and love from Heavenly Father was completely undeniable!  I received lots of answers that I was looking for and I know that these answers came directly from my loving Heavenly Father!  I love the House of the Lord so much and I am so lucky to be able to serve in a mission with temple!

Elder Wadsworth is an elder serving in Guishan (龜山 – translates to Turtle Mountain, haha love it) in our district, and he told us that his dad’s company has an office by Taipei 101.  Since we were all in Taipei already, we figured we could go check out his dad’s office.  We find the office and Elder Wadsworth was so excited when he saw the name of the company, Morinda!  There was a man that works for a company right outside and he is really surprised when he saw all these foreigners in suits and dresses standing in front of the office.  He asked us “Can I help you?” and Elder Wadsworth said “John Wadsworth is my dad.” This man’s eyes got super wide and says “John Wadsworth?!?!” Then he tells the receptionist at the front desk “This is John Wadsworth’s son!  This is John Wadsworth’s son!” She starts bowing at us haha and calls the general manager of the company in Taipei to come and greet us!  Turns out Elder Wadsworth’s dad us the co-founder of this company called, Morinda, and they sell dietary supplements like protein powder and drinks and cosmetic gels that is supposed to lower your age on the inside.  SO COOL.  The general manager, Joy, come and greets us and gives us all these free products and treated us like we were literally kings and queens!  IT WAS SO FUN!!!  They also called a specialist to measure our “TruAge”, or the age our body is according to our Health.  I’m happy that my TruAge is 24!  Elder Wu got so mad that his was 31 haha (we call him Wu beibei 伯伯, or Uncle Wu haha).  Sister Ioane’s TruAge is 54 and her reaction to it was “Whatever, at least I’m still alive!  I’m not going to stop eating my Spam!” So now the Taoyuan 2nd missionaries and the Guishan missionaries are drinking this thing called MAX to lower our TruAge and I seriously feel so beautiful now more than ever haha!!!

Sister Ioane, Elder Wu, and Elder Butler tried something a little bit different this week for our Weekly Planning session that we hold every week.  Weekly Planning is when you spend 3 hours a week planning for everyone that you teach, and in our mission, we hold weekly planning on Thursdays.  This Thursday, the Patriarch of the Taoyuan stake qing’d (請)us to eat this all you can eat shabu shabu for lunch!  After lunch, we ended us staying at the restaurant for our Weekly Planning and ate the free snacks and free drinks from the buffet.  After weekly planning, we continued our all you can eat, for dinner.  But by the time dinner rolled around, we didn’t want to eat much more anyway.  It was such a fun experience!!

Alan passed his baptismal interview!  He is getting baptized this Saturday!  It has been so great being able to teach him about the gospel and seeing him grow!  The only thing is we have to follow up with him about smoking.  He’s not addicted, but he smokes sometimes with his friends.  But he has been doing well so far!

We had a set of twins return from their missions this week!  The Liao Sisters…one served in the Washington Tacoma mission, and the other in the Colorado Denver mission!  They both went up to bear their testimonies in Sacrament meeting, and they had a really hard time doing it in Mandarin hahaa.  I had to translate for our investigators, who thought they grew up in the states.  They are so cute, I love the Liao sisters!  While we were passing out the missionary meal calendar, they grabbed it and signed up to feed us the next day.  Sister Liao (their mom) told them “But we’ll be kind of busy tomorrow…” and the twins said “No mom, the missionaries need us to feed them, do you know how important this is?!?!?!” They are both going to BYU-I with their brother in a few months, so they won’t be in Taiwan for too long, but it will be great to see them up in Rexburg!!!

Transfers are this week…and I am hyperventilating.  This is my fourth transfer here in Tao 2, and the chance of me being transferred is very high…we will find out on Wednesday…I AM SO NERVOUS BECAUSE I LOVE THIS AREA AND DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE.

Well, love y’all!  Hope you have a dandy week full of miracles from the Lord!


Sister Good


Temple Day!

Week 57-02

Week 57-01

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Getting my TruAge measured at Morinda!

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All the free stuff we got!

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All you can eat shabu shabu and WPS!

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Week 57-17

Week 57-18

We told her to say a prayer and make a wish!  She is very lonely and suffers from Autism and can’t think clearly so we were happy to celebrate her 49th or 50th birthday with her.  (she doesn’t know how old she is).

Week 57-19

Week 57-20


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