Week 58 – Transferred to Taipei as Mission Training Sister! – November 9, 2015

Hey y’all!

This week was CRAZYYYY!  I feel like I say that every week though.  But especially this week!  It was CRAZY.


On P-day, our district went and had a district bonding session!  We all went to eat hotpot together, and headed over to the post office to mail some things.  Elder Dixon and Elder Reintjes were being hilarious (and very disobedient) and were trying to rap the song “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj really fast throughout lunch.  But on the way to the post office, Elder Dixon and Elder Reintjes were riding their bikes side by side and their bike crashed into each other and they both got a couple of scratches on their elbows and hands.  They decided to stop singing wordly (属世) songs on their mission from then on haha.  After the post office, we went with the Tao 2 and Guishan (龜山) Elders to race go-karts!  IT WAS SO FUNNNNN!  It wasn’t very cheap, but it was definitely worth it!


I got the call on Wednesday night from Elder Larsen, our Zone Leader in Taoyuan, and he said “Sister Good’s moving!”  And I screamed, because one, I’M MOVING, and two, our power was out that day from a random power outage and it was dark and scary.  It would make sense that I would be the one to move, since I have been in Taoyuan for 4 transfers (6 months).  It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone, the members, our recent converts, and our investigators, but it was especially hard saying goodbye to the district because we got really close this transfer, AND on top of that, I had to miss Alan’s baptism (YES HE GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED, hopefully, I didn’t get an email from Sister Ioane about it yet haha but I’m assuming it went through).  But, I know the Lord has a different calling for me elsewhere.  Literally a different calling.  A calling that I was NOT expecting to receive…

I love transfer meeting!  I love the thrill of not knowing which area you will be serving in until your face pops up next to your new companion’s on the screen at transfers.  My face popped up and there were 5 words under my picture.  It read:  “Sister Good, Sister Training Leader.”  WHAT?  I AM THE NEW CENTRAL ZONE SISTER TRAINING LEADER?!?!  I am now serving with Sister Sorenson, from Alpine, Utah!  She is amazing!!!!!  I definitely did NOT expect this calling at all.  It means taking on a whole new deal of responsibility, including setting an example for all of the missionaries, especially the sisters, in our zone.  We conduct companion exchanges with the Sanchon (三重), Songshan (松山), Xizhi (夕止), and Wanda Sisters.  It’s gonna be funnnnnnn!  We are serving in the Hsinan (西南支會) ward, which meets right next to the temple.  The Elders that serve in the ward with us are Elder Huntsman and Elder Johnson, the Assistants to the president.  (Dad guess what!  Elder Huntsman’s uncle was your MTC companion!!!!!) We cover the Xinyi (信義) area while the Assistants cover Da-an (大安).  Taipei 101 is literally on the border between us and the Songshan (松山) sisters’ area, just to give y’all a perspective of the fact that I am literally in the heart of Taipei (台北)!  This will be a great few transfers.  I’ll be getting a new companion next transfer, because Sister Sorenson will be finishing her mission in 6 weeks.  So I have 6 weeks to learn everything hahahahahahaa….yay.  (By the way dad, Elder Nixon is our District leader!  He is serving in Wanda!!!)

President Jergensen also told us that Elder Stevenson, the new member of the Quorum of the Twelve, would be visiting our mission this month!!  WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!  It would make sense, his son is serving in Taichung and his nephew is serving in our mission Xindian (新店), companions with Elder Young, aka my best friend ever!!) I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET ANOTHER APOSTLE!


I’ve only been in Hsinan (西南支會) for like 3 days and we have already seen so many miracles!  We have met a couple of really cool new investigators on the street, including Sister Hu, a senior in high school.  She was walking home from school (ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, Taiwanese kids are CRAZY about studying), and we decided to talk to her.  She said she was Buddhist, but we were persistent on saying a prayer with her.  She agreed, and when we asked her if there is anything in specific we could pray for her about, tears filled her eyes.  There have been lots of family contention in her home, and she had no idea how to handle it.  At that moment, I just felt too much love for her, and promised that the gospel will bring comfort.  We said a prayer for her and she just looked at me, tears still in her eyes and thanked me.  She set up to meet with us next week, and I am so excited to introduce her to this amazing gospel!

We have had several investigators improve this week!  Brother Lin, who has never came to church, was introducing himself in class after sacrament meeting.  He said “I’m Brother Lin, and I’m here because the Sister Missionaries invited me.  But I think God really wants me to be here too.”  GOOD ANSWER BROTHER LIN.  VERY TRUE!  We have also been able to have 2 other investigators to come to church for the first time and it’s great to see them progress and start to understand the importance of the sacrament.  YAY FOR THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST!

Well, I told y’all this week was crazy!  I’m excited for my new calling as a Sister Training Leader, even though I feel inadequate.  Now I have to be more obedient than ever before hahaha.  It’s going to be so fun, and a bit stressful, but I know that I will be learning so much from this calling.


– Sister Good


Last P-Day in Taoyuan – Go Karts!!

Week 58 - 01

Week 58 - 02

Week 58 - 03

Week 58 - 04

Boy Band tradition…

Week 58 - 05

I had to get a picture with alan before he got baptized.  And Sister Zhang, who was an awesome peike (陪課)!

Week 58 - 06

Week 58 - 07

My new district!

Week 58 - 08

My new calling letter!

Week 58 - 10

Our Assistants wearing their helmets backwards…

Week 58 - 09

When the Elder’s investigator, Sister Li, found out I was moving, she took us out to eat douhua (豆花), and gave be a going away gift!  How sweet!

Week 58 - 11a


Week 58 - 11

Sister Sorenson and me!

Week 58 - 13

Me with a few members from Xinzhuang (新莊), Tianmu (天母), and Shanghai (上海)!

Week 58 - 12

Pictures from Sister Huang

Week 58 - 14

Week 58 - 15


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