Week 60 – Exchanges!! – November 23, 2015

Hey Y’all!

I AM SO SORRY MOM LAST WEEK WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY AND I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING.  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.  I LOVE YOUUUUU!  Also, Happy Birthday to my role model, GRANDMA!  Y feliz cumpleanos mi latina tia favorita Norma!  Te amo!  (I wish I could speak more Spanish but alas, 我在臺灣傳教,沒有人了解西班牙話).

This week was super fun!  Sister Sorenson was still recovering from her fever, and we had another sister who wasn’t feeling very well either, so we went on a mini exchange and worked with Sister Jex for a few hours!  She goes home the same time as Sister Sorenson, and she is scared to go home because who wouldn’t be? It was good to get to know her and chuanjiao (傳教) with her!

We also went on a REAL 24 hour exchange with the Sanchong (三重) Sisters.  I was in Sanchong (三重) with Sister Lin, my breaker in Taoyuan (桃園)!  A breaker is the missionary you serve with after you are finished training, because they “break” you into the mission.  She was senior companion when she was with me, but now I’m her Sister Training Leader, and it was really funny when I was evaluating her teaching skills and helping her set goals to improve because I felt so weird haha.  But it was great to chuanjiao (傳教) with her again, and I’ve never been to Sanchong (三重) so that was fun!

We had a ward finding activity this week where we went on splits and found in our areas with some members to get them excited about missionary work!  I was with Sister Chen, and she was baptized this year.  She was sooooo fun to work with!  She does sales for a living, so when she was talking to people it felt like we were trying to sell the gospel haha.  It was still fun!  I set goals with her right before and said we could have a new investigator with a baptismal date.  She was super surprised and said “You set baptismal dates on the street? They very first time you meet a person? And it works?!”  YES it works!  We met Brother Peng that night.  He is a 21 year old father and husband.  It sounds like a shotgun wedding sort of a deal, and he said he had to quit college and start working part time jobs to support his wife and newborn baby.  We said a prayer with him, and asked if he wanted to new start through baptism.  He was very interested in that.  We testified how this gospel blesses families, and promised that it will bring greater happiness to him.  We set a baptismal date for January 3rd.  After parting ways with him, Sister Chen was all “WHOA THAT WAS SO COOL.”  But I told her that it was because we set the goal with faith, and Heavenly Father put us right where we needed to be.  We had to refer Peng DX to the Elders, but it’s all good, TEAM JESUS FOR THE WIN!

I am so excited because…Guess what is going on tomorrow??  OK, I’ll just tell you…We are having a Mission Conference with Elder Stevenson!!!!!!  The newly called Apostle!!!!!  I am so excited and I’ve been preparing for a week by pondering and reading 2 Nephi 2 and 9.  I am very excited about meeting Elder Stevenson!  I would like to invite you all to read those two chapters, and we can all share our insights!

I love y’all so much and someone reminded me today that it is November 23rd and I have exactly 5 months left.  Don’t know how I feel about that but heyyyyyyy only 5 MORE WHOLE MONTHS OF MIRACLES!?!?  OKAYYY!



Sister Good




Sister Sorenson and I spend time stamping 50 boxes of Books of Mormon…..there were 28 books in each box….mehh.

Week 60-01Week 60-02

Week 60-03

Dinner with the District on YongKang Street!

Week 60-04

The best guy ever!  Brother Lin who is getting baptized Dec 12th!

Week 60-05

We got Malaysian food this week.  IT WAS SO YUM.

Week 60-06Week 60-07

And curry….

Week 60-08

And fish shaped croissants.

Week 60-09Week 60-10


…and happiness flavored crackers.

Week 60-11

Exchanges with Sister Lin in Sanchong!  You can see Taipei 101 in the back!  It’s hiding in the clouds.

Week 60-12

The ward finding activity! Week 60-13

My companion for the night, Sister Chen!

Week 60-14


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