Week 61 – Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles! November 30, 2015

Hey y’all!

[For the record I am currently depressed because after I uploaded my pictures from this week, I ejected my SD card, then all of a sudden all of my pictures from the last 7 months of my mission got deleted. I am just grateful I was able to send the last of them before they disappeared. So If I sound weird in this email it’s because I’m shaken up from my loss….😢] [Never fear…Dad has them all…at least the ones she has sent to me! 😉 ]

This week was super spiritual because we had an apostle visit the mission!! We were all super, super excited to see him! The day before he came was P-Day, and we have a mission Christmas choir that practices every P-Day, and Elder Stevenson, Elder Stevenson’s nephew is in the choir! We were riding the MRT and I was asking him if he’s excited to see his uncle! His response was so funny:

“Yeah, it’ll be cool to see family, but it’s just Gary…”

Me: “Oh haha weird you know him as Uncle Gary, don’t you?”

“One time, my dad and Uncle Gary threw me into a pool at a wedding. I was wearing a suit and tie and everything!”

I laughed so hard!! I love the fact that yes, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Bednar, and Elder Holland etc…are all apostles of the Lord, but they are also just so fun and totally normal!

Before the training, he invited all of the missionaries to shake his hand. IT WAS SO COOL. This is my 3rd time shaking an apostle’s hand! Anyway…Elder Stevenson gave an amazing training. There are so many insights and he touched on so many different topics and I didn’t bring my study journal with me to this internet cafe, but I will touch on some stuff that really stuck out to me…

He touched on obedience and how we need to follow the Missionary Handbook. He invited us to take out our handbooks and on the cover page under “Missionary Handbook” we wrote “of Blessings” because it’s true! Every time that we obey a rule, Heavenly Father will give us a blessing. It is the coolest thing. Just like following the commandments. He shared with us this awesome formula:

Obedience = Blessings

Blessings = Happiness

It is literally THAT simple.

Sister Sorenson and I have been really using the Promised blessings aspect that Elder Stevenson taught. He did a little roleplay with himself for us and mentioned that promised blessings will help our investigators and less actives see themselves through God’s eyes. By living the gospel, our relationship with our family will be strengthened. Our lives will improve. Our jobs will be better. We will be healthier. We will be happier.

Sometimes that is really difficult for us to understand. How can that even be possible right? It’s literally the power of God. [I just proofread this and I think it sounds funny. And now they are playing Adele really loud in the wangka (Internet Café 網咖) and I can’t really concentrate I am so sorry. I can’t believe my pictures got deleted also. AGHHH.] The point is, LIVE THE GOSPEL AND ETERNAL HAPPINESS WILL COME.

There are so many miracles that happened today through finding and sacrament and I have AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE THAT I REALLY WANT TO SHARE but I have no time. I still have to write to president. I’m so sorry for this email, hopefully I can mention some things I learned next week.

I love you all and I hope you kinda understand my email from this week haha. Again, I’m sorry and I will be praying that y’all will have the gift of interpretation as you read this poorly written email!


Sister Good





“Dedicated 1984”

Week 61-01

Week 61-02

On my way to meet the apostle…

Week 61-03

Sister Oviatt and I went on exchanges this week! We hit up the night market and brought out the good ole Texas flag and our Buccee’s shirts!! It was soooo fun being her companion for the day!

Week 61-04

Week 61-05

We planned a fun Turkey Bowl activity with our ward with the Assistants and taught our members and investigators how to play American Football. IT WAS SO FUN. I haven’t thought about football in the longest time and WOW I miss watching football so much okay. We played at the biggest park in Taipei…Da-An Park!

Week 61-06

Week 61-07

Week 61-08

Then we made pancakes and french toast for everyone to eat!!

Week 61-09

Week 61-10

Week 61-11Week 61-12

Week 61-13

Jim Lin, our investigator who is GOLDEN and getting baptized on the 12th! Sister Sorenson, Me, Jensen, who is AWESOME!

Week 61-14

cont’d…and Sister Sorenson and I teach him English! THIS WAS THE DAY HE GOT BAPTIZED, and then his brother Zayn who is also in our English class! [See more pictures of Jensen in my Turkey Bowl pictures above]

Me and Sister Hendricks at Missionary Leadership Council!! We are BOTH Sister Training Leaders!

Week 61-15

Me and my lovely comp at MLC:)

Week 61-16

(The wind was strong that day…)

More pictures from the Turkey Bowl breakfast! [See Jensen in the back] Haha I totally sound like I’m stalking Jensen. He’s just really awesome okay.

Week 61-17

Okay so this is a cool picture. Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders walking on Temple Square. Can you tell which one is me?

Week 61-18


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