Week 63 – Jim’s Baptism!!! – December 14, 2015

Hey y’all!

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!  I had an opportunity to go on exchanges to Datong, with Sister Nau!  Her name is pronounced like “no” so we joked that our companionship name was “Nau Good” hahaha.  But it was more like “So Good”!  It was really fun serving with her!  Sister Nau and her comp Sister Jex cover the Wanda (萬大) Ward and the English Ward, so we had a few lessons with English speakers with I was NOT used to.  It was really fun but I realized that I do not know how to teach the gospel in English with fluidity.  Anyway, we found out we have SO much in common, and we have already planned that we would be helping each other decorating our future homes after the mission and it’s going to be SWEET.

I also went on exchanges with Sister Bowman from Songshan (松山), and that was great to get to know her too.  I think that is what I love about this calling, is that I really get to know the sisters in my zone and help them with any concerns they have.  I also love setting goals with them and following up with them.  Seeing them progress in the work of the Lord is so great, and I have seen a growth in myself every single time I go on exchanges.  I LOVE IT.

Last P-day, I ran into my Aunt Nikita at the Songshan (松山) MRT station, and I invited her to the Nativity that the English ward was putting on.  She came, along with her husband, Aunt Linda, and my cousin Michelle with HER husband.  IT WAS SO GREAT SO SEE THEM.  The performance included the Nativity and there were SO many people there.  Then the missionaries did a choir performance afterwards.  I was able to introduce them all to President and Sister Jergensen, which was AMAZING.  The best part about them being at the Nativity, was that pretty much all of the missionaries serving in the Taipei Zones were there, and I introduced them to every companionship that covers the area in which they live.  YAY FOR DIRECT CONTACTS!  YAYYYY!

We had a special stake conference on Sunday….A NEW STAKE WAS CREATED!  YAYYYY!  They created a new Taipei North Stake!  So now that stake includes:

Beitou, Danshui, Tianmu, Shilin, and the English Ward.  The Taipei East Stake includes:  Ilan (宜蘭), Neihu (內湖), Jilong (基隆), and they took XiZhi (汐止) and Songshan (松山) from central.  Now Taipei Central just has:  Hsinan (信安), Wanda (萬大), Jinhua (金華), Sanchong (三重), and now the Luzhou (蘆洲) Ward…LUZHOU BECAME A WARD!!!!  It’s amazing how much the church is growing!  The first stake ever in Taiwan was created in 1976, and now there are a total of 15 stakes on the island of Taiwan!  Elder Randy D. Funk of the Seventy was there and gave an amazing talk.  He talked a lot about the Savior.  One thing he said I really liked was about the meaning of Christmas.  “We don’t celebrate Christmas because the Savior was born, rather, we celebrate Christmas because of what He did for us at the end of His life.”  (or something like that, I definitely didn’t say it as good as him).  But that is so true, and I love that message.

After Stake Conference, JIM GOT BAPTIZED!  It was amazing!  He has such a strong testimony of the gospel, and he knows with all of his heart that this gospel has been restored!  Was was also really cool is Brother Yan, and RC who we’ve been working with, baptized him!  IT WAS HIS FIRST TIME BAPTIZING SOMEONE!  We followed up with him after the baptism and asked him how he felt and he said “It literally felt like I have been blessed.”  YES.  That is how you are supposed to feel when you bless the lives of others!

Sister Sorenson is going home so I’ll be getting a new companion on Thursday.  I’ve never killed a missionary before…it feels so weird.  I’m not the one going home yet, but I’m suffering from slight anxiety for Sister Sorenson.  I can’t imagine going home and being normal again haha.  I’m so glad I still have time, but I honestly don’t know how I’m going to deal with that in 4½ months.  WOW.  4½ months.  That is like NO time.

Anyway, that is pretty much what happened this week.  Hope y’all have a great day and a non-stressful Christmas preparation week!

Love Ya’ll!




We went English Boarding with my violin at Da-an Park!  It was a different way of passing out flyers for our English class, but it worked because people slowed down to watch me play Christmas songs and we were able to pass out a whole bunch!


Exchanges with Sister Nau!


I FOUND MACAROONS.  SO I BOUGHT THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE SUPER CHEAP.  Then I was disappointed because they were fake macaroons and totally NOT Gucci.







But all they sell is tea, and there is actual beer in their butter beer.  So all we could get are these Oreo smoothies.  They did not taste very good.  But it was worth it because they were from Diagon Alley.





We tried our best to get through to Platform 9¾!



Frisbee with the Zone Leaders/Assisstants/and Office Elders at Da-an (大安) Park!


Oh and this is a picture of some guy power washing a building.  I always joked when I was in training that the buildings in Taiwan need a power wash…and it is happening!   Hahahah!


Our RC baptized Brother Lin yesterday!  It was his first time ever baptizing someone!



All-you-can-eat Pizza hut today!



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