Week 64 – Transferred to SongShan! – December 21, 2015

Hey y’all!

This week was INSANE!!!  WE HAD TRANSFERS.  Our Zone Leaders called us and told us that Sister Sorenson was moving (I mean, duh…she’s being transferred to Utah haha) but the crazy thing is, THEY TOLD ME I WAS MOVING TOO.  WHAT??!?!  No one expected that I would be moving at all!  When the ZLs got the transfer sheet, they double checked and asked President if everything was correct, that Sister Good was really moving…  I’ve only been here one transfer, and it’s the central zone STL area.  So I was so confused…I thought maybe President thought I was doing a horrible job as an STL so he decided to fire me.  I was just starting to get used to the ward and the area, and boom, I’m outta here.  We had to get a lot of information cleaned up because there would be new sisters taking over the area and they have to be able to take care of our investigators.  We have been building the area up and I was just so sad to leave it all behind.  But I had to come to the realization that this is the plan that Heavenly Father has right now because he knows everything and I had to really trust Him that everything was going to be fine.

Then I got to transfers, and my face popped up next to Sister Bowman, who I just barely went on exchanges with, and under our names were also the words “Sister Training Leader”.  We are opening the Taipei East Zone for STLs!  And Elder Jensen (my ZL in Taoyuan) and Elder Liston (reported to the MTC with me) are whitewashing and they are now the new East Zone Leaders!  Now I understand Heavenly Father’s plan!  There was a stake split, and they just moved me over to help out the northeast of the island.  All four of us are serving in the Songshan Ward (松山支會), and most of the people in the ward are multimillionaires, so this will be fun;).  We’ve already had people take us to all these super expensive restaurants….I think I can get used to this!  On the other hand, this area is not the easiest to serve in.  Everyone here is so busy and it’s a struggle to get people to stop to talk to us.  But I KNOW there are prepared people in this area, and we are on a mission to find them!  (Oh and Taipei 101 is in my area so…whaddupppp)

 Dear President Jergensen,

 I just wanted to take this time to thank Heavenly Father for inspiring you to put me with Sister Bowman!  She is truly such a powerful missionary, and I am learning so much from her!  I was completely surprised when I got the call that I was moving/whitewashing the central zone STL area, but I know it’s to prepare each area for bigger and greater things!

I can’t even tell you how ecstatic we are to be working with Elder Jensen and Elder Liston!  They are the BEST elders in the mission, and they have already come up with an amazing vision for the Taipei East Stake.  We will be working on helping the Songshan ward to split, and we want to get as many members on board with us as possible.  Songshan has been really struggling lately, and Sister Bowman and I are so ready to get it back going again!


We love you!



Sister Good



Christmas choir photos!  I sing a solo and play the violin, so it’s been super duper fun!




I got transferred to this girl’s ward in Songshan!  She’s leaving for her mission to Temple Square the end of February!  WE ARE BEST BUDS.


Check out our selfies!



English Boarding with style!





This mom and son wanted us to take a picture with them!  #spreadingthewordthroughmusic


The Wanda District.



Central Zone ZLs and STLs!


The day of transfers with Jensen and Sister Sorenson!  Also the day that Sister Sorenson died.  I MISS HER SO MUCH.



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