Week 66 – New Year’s Miracle – 04-Jan-2016

Hey y’all!

I don’t have much time today, but I want to tell y’all of an amazing miracle that happened this week!

Sister Bowman and I have trying a new way of finding by only talking about baptism on the street.  That means from within the first 30 seconds of talking to a person, we want to let them know of our purpose, that we are out here to help other come unto Christ by being baptized.  This way we can tell exactly who is ready to accept the gospel, because c’mon now, the field is not eggshell, it is WHITE and READY to harvest!

We found this lady, Sister Lin (who is GORGEOUS and super fashionable…she was wearing the CUTEST boots) and stated our purpose.  She was willing to pray with us, and halfway through the prayer, her phone rang…it was her boyfriend who said he was going to be meeting her at her place in a little bit.  ANYWAY, she believes in God and we invited her to baptism, but she said she wants to understand a little bit more about baptism before she makes any decisions.  Which is WHY we are here!  We asked to set up an appointment with her, and she said she’ll see if she gets more interest in the future.  So we gave her our number (she wasn’t willing to give hers to us) and bid her adieu.  We talked to a couple more people around there and after 15 minutes of finding unprepared people, we decided to go to another place to find.  As Sister Bowman and I got on our bikes are started riding, I saw a dude walk into the alley we were in.  Sister Bowman didn’t see him, but I suggested that we should talk to him.  His name is Brother Yang, and he is awesome (and also very shuai 帥)!  He’s an actor and is trying to find more gigs and whatnot, but he’s appeared in some commercials apparently (missionaries wouldn’t know)…but long story short, we stated our purpose, taught him how to pray, set up an appointment for the next week, and set a baptismal date for February 26th!  He also took a selfie with us because he was like “This is cool, I met God on New Year’s Eve!”  I’M NOT KIDDING.  As we were leaving, we realized that he was walking the same direction as Sister Lin was headed, and Sister Bowman and I realized that HE IS THE BOYFRIEND.  We already have a vision for them, ready?  He’s going to tell her about how cool his experience was, and they will both be baptized be sealed in the temple, and have GORGEOUS children, and their children will all grow up in the gospel and go on missions!  We told this story to our ward mission leader and he laughed when we told him Brother Lin was shuai she he was like “you can’t say that, you are missionaries!” then I said “We preach the truth, that’s why we’re missionaries!” and thought we were adorable for already prophesying their future.  It’s going to happen!

We set 3 new baptismal dates on the street this week and we will be setting more!

Dear President Jergensen,

What a week!  We are so grateful for the instruction we received at MLC this week!  Sister Bowman and I have been working really hard to come up with trainings that fully implement what we have learned from MLC and merging the needs of the East Zone together.  We will become the Beast in the East!

 Exchanges:  We exchanged with Neihu (內湖) this past week!  I was with Sister Hadley, and she is so happy with Sister Gabbitas.  They have been doing a really good job in cleaning their apartment to make it a place where the Spirit can preside!  After the exchange, Sister Bowman and I trained them on how to work better with members.  Their faith really grew and I know they have a new vision of their ward.  Sister Gabbitas and Sister Hadley really want to go eternal, meaning they really want to serve another transfer together.  I think this shows that they are working really well together and it seems like from what they reported this past week that their relationship with the ward has improved and they are so excited!

 We are excited for tomorrow’s Zone Meeting!  Sister Bowman and I got this!

We love you!


 Sister Good



This girl is going on her mission to Temple Square!


We went to Danshui for Sister Bowman’s birthday last Pday!



Turkish Ice Cream!




Quail eggs!





We all bought matching bracelets and took a picture with our CTR rings!


“Please wait to be seat”


Sister Lindsay and me 🙂


This is a picture of a Yunnan lady who could quite possibly be my great great great grandmother.



Downtown Taipei on Christmas!


Our members sang Happy Birthday to Sister Bowman!


Exchanges to Neihu!



The Hsieh’s!  They served a couples mission for the past year and are went back to the Island of Penghu!


Sister Bowman likes rubber bands.


We were contacting on New Year’s  and met Brother Yang.  He’s an actor and set a baptismal date for February!  He asked if he could take a picture with us and said “I want to document this.  I met God on New Year’s” OH MY GOODNESS YAY.


We were on our way to a lesson after and rode past downtown and we saw Asian Miley Cyrus performing haha


Missionary Leadership Council!  We all look horrible because the sun was shining hecka bright in our eyes.


I got a package from the Chinese Branch!!!  YAYY



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