Week 67 – Progressing the SongShan (松山) Ward – 11-Jan-2016

Hey Y’all!


Elder Liston, Elder Jensen, Sister Bowman, and I gave training to our zone on Tuesday.  We found that a really big struggle with our zone is our relationships with the members, so for the past few weeks, we have been trying to come up with the best way in order to train our zone to get the trust of their members.  We prayed about it, and we came up with an amazing solution:  we do missionary work WITH the members.  As in take them out and find people on the street with you, knock doors, and find less actives.  It has been working so well, and it has been super successful.  I pretty much talk about it in my letter to President, and I will attach it below.

Sister Bowman and I went less active finding on Friday, and we found some addresses that don’t live within out boundaries.  After getting permission from the Assistants, we followed the map UP A MOUNTAIN.  And up that mountain, it looked EXACTLY how I imagined my mission to look like before I came:  small crowded dirty houses with moss growing on the walls, with a random Taipei 101 in the background.  Sister Bowman and I had a mini photoshoot there haha.  The view of 101 was beautiful, and I’m surprised that someone still hadn’t bought out that place to build an expensive mega complex there.  There are a lot of old people live in there, so they are probably waiting for all the agongs (阿公 old uncles)and amas (阿媽 old aunties) to die (that sounds so terrible but it’s probably true) so they can tear it all out and make some big bucks.  Speaking of old agongs who’s time is almost up, Sister Bowman and I made a friend:  Chen agong!  He lives right next to a less active on the less active list, but no one answered the door when we knocked, even though the lights were on.  So we went to his neighbor and tried to ask if anyone still lived that that address.  Chen agong said there was someone at that address, and that he was 84 years old.  Then Chen agong said “I’m 94 years old, I have wisdom!” and he told the way we were knocking wasn’t loud enough, even though Sister Bowman was pounding on the door.  THEN Chen agong comes out and grabs a hammer and starts going HAM on the door.  Can you just imagine a 94 year old Chinese man that lives in the mountains with a hammer pounding on someone’s door trying to get in?  Well, it happened.  And it was splendid.

We met a new investigator this week who gave us his mom’s card with her company’s website on it:  www.amitofo.com.tw.  He didn’t meet with us again this week…

There is a recent convert who investigated the church for 10 years in our ward, and he is one of the most active members and he’s hilarious!  His name is Zhang Ba (張爸), and he looks EXACTLY like Samuel L. Jackson.  When we told him this, he kept saying that he doesn’t want to look like him.  “But Zhang ba, he’s really famous!”  “That doesn’t mean he’s handsome!  Don’t call me Samuel L. Jackson, call me…Tom Cruise…”  So…his new name is “Brother Jackson, I mean, Cruise…”  He’s so funny, I die.

Our most progressing investigator is Lin Cheng Feng (林成峰).  Brother Lin is very special.  He is getting there.  He is having spiritual experiences and he knows the Book of Mormon is true, but it’s getting him to act on the Spirit that is hard for him.  That’s all I have to say, maybe I’ll talk more about him next week?  But his date is for the 30th of January!  He’s really great.

Dear President Jergensen,

This was a GREAT week!  It had an amazing start with the Zone Meeting we had on Tuesday.  It was really great to see the Zone on board with the training and new announcements that were given.  By their key indicators, it looks like they really took the trainings to heart.  HAPPY ARE WE!

Sister Bowman and I, along with the Zone Leaders are really seeing a change in Songshan.  We have been announcing it to the Relief Society and Elders Quorum and getting them to go on splits with us in order to find new investigators and find less actives.  It has been so successful, because the members are actually doing the missionary work with us, and they are seeing the miracles we see everyday. Songshan is so pumped up and is hastening the Lord’s work!  More things are getting done in this ward, and it’s because the members are so willing to go out with us.  It has been a miracle to see the change in the Songshan Ward.  They really trust us, and that is really blessing the lives of our investigators and other people we meet on the street in Taipei.

Exchanges:  Yilan Sisters

I got an amazing opportunity to work with Sister Li this week when she came to Songshan.  She just barely hit her month on the mission mark, and she has such a positive attitude!  She was a bit nervous because it was her first exchange, but she loves the gospel and wants to make a difference and is so willing to learn!  Her skills in teaching lessons are great!  She really connects with the people here, because she is Taiwanese, and that brings her a really great advantage.  However, because she is so new, she is not very confident in her finding efforts.  It was hard for her so go up to talk to people and invite them to baptism.  It sounds like she and Sister Hsiao have been struggling with that, so Sister Bowman and I will see what we can do for them this next exchange.  We will prayerfully consider how they need to be trained so that they can have the streak of excellence in Yilan they have to potential to have.

Thank you so much for your service, President!  We love you so much!



Sister Good



Investigator lesson!




We got qinged (請 or invited) to a Korean restaurant!


Poor Taipei in sight of the 101 Tower!






Chen Agong!  陳阿公!



Temple Tours!




This guy was riding his scooter with his two pet birds.  Taiwan is awesome.



When I went to chuanjiao (傳敎 Do missionary work) with Yingjie and we found a new investigator!



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