Week 68 – Loving the People! – 18-Jan-2016

Hey Y’all!

So today, I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote to President, because I wrote all of everything important that happened this week in my letter to him:

Dear President Jergensen,

This week was amazing!  We had an amazing miracle with our most progressing investigator, 鍾以庭.  She’s 19 and so adorable, and she is so prepared.  The only thing Sister Bowman and I were worried about was the law of chastity because we found out that she has a 27-year-old boyfriend.  We were praying so hard for her that she wouldn’t be influenced by him, and the next time we met with her, we asked her how she was doing.  She said she wasn’t doing very good, because she broke up with her boyfriend.  As soon as she said that, I just wanted to pause the lesson and go out into the hall and jump up and down for joy!  But I kept my cool, don’t worry.  She said she’s been having a feeling that it’s not going to work out, that she wants a different feeling that he was giving her.  Heavenly Father is preparing her to be baptized!  I am so excited to continue to work with her!

Exchanges:  We had an amazing exchange with the 汐止 sisters this week!  I had the privilege of serving with Sister Parkin.  She reminds me so much of my MTC companion, Sister Hendricks.  They are seriously two of the most Christ-like sisters that I have ever come across.  I think Sister Parkin is ready to train a baby.  She is such an amazing example to me!

Sister Bowman and I are not worried about 汐止 at all.  We gave them a training, emphasizing teaching repentance.  Hopefully they’ll be able to take that more to heart in their lessons.  I know that Sister Bowman and I need to do that for our area as well.

We have already talked about this this morning with you in the conference call, but Sister Bowman and I are really struggling in retaining our new investigators.  We feel like we are just missionary robots.  We are doing everything that we are supposed to do…stating our purpose, inviting to baptism, all of the above.  But they give us fake numbers, or block us when we try to contact them.  We decided to evaluate what is wrong with us our contacting and we realized that we are so driven by the key indicators, that we are forgetting to love the people.  We’ve been noticing that recently.  When our most progressing investigator 林成峰 said that he can’t accept the law of tithing, our first thought was “dang it, we lost our baptism date for this month”.  We need to change our mentality.  When 林弟兄 didn’t want to accept it, we should have thought more deep into it.  We need to love him more.  We need to love the people on the street more.  We need to be driven by love, not numbers.  That is a goal that we have set this week.  We want to forget ourselves and go to work.

Thank you so much for your service, President!  We love you!

Sister Good

Oh, something I didn’t put in the letter…Sister Bowman and I went finding, and we found a meth lab.  Yeah it was totally sketch…it was in the same building as the roof we found and next to the cronut place (see pictures below).  We were riding our bikes in that one chic street with a whole bunch of boutiques and we were wearing our missionary attire with no makeup and helmet hair, and every one that was shopping was wearing the most stylish clothes with the perfect hair, and I seriously felt so out of place haha.  Imagine the hunger games…someone from district 12 (us) walking around in a place like District 1 (them).  That is literally the best way I can describe it haha.  Anyway, we knocked that building we were on, and there was a door to an apartment open, and there were substances, if you catch my drift.  We got out of there as fast as we could haha.  That was an interesting night!

Love y’all so much!


Sister Good



My companion being boss.


Exchanges with Sister Parkin, we visited a less active!


Sister Bowman and I went finding one day and ended up on a roof.  It was awesome!!!




First time I ate a cronut!  SO YUM


Someone tell me why the President of our country is going out to live in the wilderness?



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