Week 69 – It Snowed in Taiwan!! – 25-Jan-2016

Hey Y’all!

IT’S THE SECOND COMING!  LITERALLY.  IT SNOWED IN TAIWAN!  I AM FREEZING!  I DON’T HAVE THE CLOTHES SUFFICIENT!  All I can say is that I am grateful for the heated blanket Dad sent me.  But I don’t have much time today.  I just wanted to let y’all know that it’s snowing on this tropical island that I am living on.  It is cold!  Therefore, we are going to find some snow in MuZha (木柵) today and play with it haha!

Love y’all!


Sister Good


[P.S.  From DAD.  Being a 35 year veteran of Taiwan I have never seen it snow in Taipei.  Everyone I know has said it was the coldest they’ve ever seen it, windy and rainy/snow flakes!!]


Hotpot, my favorite food ever!


Temple tours with our special recent converts!


Her name is Le’er (Luh-er) 樂兒 and she is just so so so special to me!  We are trying to help her go to the temple and to baptisms!


We visited our less active’s gonggong (公公) in the hospital. He is my FAVORITE. He hates nurses because he knows that they will try to feed him medicine, and he ain’t about that life.


My comp. Working hard and hardly working.


Lunch with Caroline!


Finding on the COLDEST night of my life.



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