Week 70 – It’s a GIRL!! – 01-Feb-2016

Hey ya’ll!

So I know that I always say this week has been crazy, BUT THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CUH-RAZY.  LIKE.  THE CRAZIEST OF ALL CRAZY.

Sister Bowman and I both had the strongest feeling that we were staying together in Songshan for another transfer.  After a fun and successful P-Day on Monday, I get a call from Elder Hunstman (AP) and he said he just wanted to follow up with me on a training that he gave me during interviews with President.  I don’t know why, but for some reason, when I was telling him how I used the training given in my missionary work that week, my body got all hot and I started shaking really bad.  So weird.  Then he proceeds to say something like this:

“Sister Good, you are truly such an amazing missionary with a lot of knowledge and power.  President has recognized that and he trusts you a lot.  So, he has called you as a trainer.  Will you be willing to accept this calling?”

I FREAKED OUT.  I thought I dodged the challenge of training a missionary, fresh from the MTC.  I thought he called the wrong person, and I thought President is nuts for calling me as a trainer.  BUT I accepted.

After a transfer in Songshan, I’m OUT.

I’m OPENING an area.  So now I am serving in…..TUCHENG/SHULIN土城/樹林!

And I have a baby who literally came FRESH from the MTC…Sister Davis!  What is crazy, is LaKesha told me to look out for her friend, Sister Davis when she get to the mission field.  They were in the same ward at BYU-Idaho.  And yes, I am her trainer.  SO FUN!

Dear President Jergensen,

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to train!  Sister Davis is one of the humblest missionaries I have ever met, and she is so ready to learn!  She is still trying to get used to the culture shock, and she is still struggling with the language, but she loves the people here so much, she’s going to be just fine!  She is the greenest greenie I have ever met!  I absolutely love her!

I just want to be a good example to Sister Davis, and I know that being exactly obedient is the way to go!

It’s not the easiest thing to open an area…we got to the apartment and were welcomed my Sister Maxwell (we were both trained by Sister Huang!) and Sister Lu, and they have been amazing at trying to make us feel comfortable.  We don’t have an area book, or anyone to teach yet, so we’ve been finding A LOT and calling formers and less actives.  It’s been a blast!

Thank you so much for your service!  We love you!


Sister Good

Sister Davis and I are starting new, with no one in our teaching pool, in an area that we are not familiar with, with members who we do not know.  This is going to be so challenging!  BUT SO FUN AT THE SAME TIME!

Love y’all!


Sister Good



This girl just got her mission call to the Indiana Indianapolis mission!  Whooot Whoot!



We went to the zoo last pday!!!!!!



Just read the description…it is hilarious.


This turtle was eating lunch, and a mango got stuck on its lip haha


Sister Bowman and I went to Yilan for exchanges!  It is so beautiful!


Goodbye beloved Songshan!



My FAVORITE little girl in the entire world, Wu AiFei 巫嬡霏





I made her eat pig’s blood cake.  And she didn’t hate it!  #success





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