Week 71 – Chinese New Years Begins! -09-Feb-2016

Hey Y’all!

This week, Sister Davis and I went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders in Yonghe 永和!  I was with Sister Giles, which was a great blessing because I can learn a lot from her.  She trained twice, and both times she trained, she opened an area.  SO it was definitely a HUGE blessing for Heavenly Father to have her as my Sister Training Leader.  She gave me a lot of really good advice on what kind of trainer I need to be for Sister Davis, and how I can juggle opening and building an area all while I train.  We also reminisced back to when we were serving together in Taidong, and how our mission has changed us.  She finishes her mission this transfer, and me the next transfer.  I loved my exchange with her.

On our exchange, we went to visit a family that they are teaching, the Hsiao Family 蕭家庭.  They have an amazing story.  Their oldest son, Kevin, was a foreign exchange student in Provo, Utah for a year, and he stayed with a Mormon host family there (I mean duh, is there anyone who isn’t Mormon that lives in Provo?) haha!  But he absolutely loved it, and when he was almost done with his exchange, he promised his host family that he would meet with the missionaries when he gets back home.  This host family has influenced Kevin and his family in Taiwan SO much, I walked in and they had a collection or trophies, and I saw that they bought an Angel Moroni and had it with their trophy collection.  They also has a lot of magnets with LDS painting of Jesus Christ on their fridge.  I asked Kevin what college he goes to, and he said he’s going to a college in America.  I asked which on and he said I’m starting my first semester at Brigham Young University – Hawaii in March.  WHAT?  HE IS AN INVESTIGATOR AND HE IS GOING TO BYU-H.  This family is so prepared for the gospel!

Sister Giles and I shared about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Hsiao Family.  The mom had a lot of really good questions that were simple and really humble, like “How do you have so much faith?” We explained that we get faith my constantly exercising with CPR (Church, pray, read scriptures).  It was truly an amazing lesson.  The spirit filled the room as Sister Giles and I were bearing our witness and our testimony.  I didn’t know if my body was shaking because it was so cold or because we were all filled with the Spirit.  I think it was a bit of both, but mostly the spirit part.  At the end of the lesson, we all got in a circle and had a kneeling family prayer.  It reminded me of how my family would have a prayer every night before bed.  Those are truly my favorite memories with the family.  We always felt so much love for each other, at the end of the day, and it was so awesome to bring that into the Hsiao’s home.

Last week, Sister Davis and I were contacting, and we started talking to a Vietnamese lady selling baked sweet potatoes 烤地瓜 on the side of the road, Sister Tran.  She is a Catholic, and she started talking to us about how her family is struggling financially.  We said a prayer for her, but then she had some customers and we were going to be late for curfew, so we had to leave.  During Weekly Planning, Sister Davis and I were praying about how we are supposed to get new investigators.  Other than finding on the street, Sister Davis and I had a feeling we had to go visit Sister Tran again.  We went back, and asked if we could set up a time to visit her home and teach her more about the Restored Gospel.  She accepted and we went over to her house yesterday afternoon after church.  We met her husband and her cute little 2 year old daughter, and they all sat down and listened to the message.  The spirit was so strong, especially when I recited the First Vision from the Prophet Joseph Smith.  We taught to much truth and they were really listening.  We knew we had to put the focus on priesthood authority because they had a Christian background, and they got the gist of it.  But when we invited them to baptism, they rejected the invitation, saying that they were already baptized in their church.  So they didn’t really understand what priesthood was but that is okay, that is why we are here!  By the end of the lesson, they invited us to go Vacation with them in Vietnam for a month haha! but we said we couldn’t.  Then they invited us to stay for dinner, but we already had 2 dinner appointments because of Chinese New Year, so they just gave us a huge bag of Baked sweet potatoes.  They are so cute!  We gave them a Book of Mormon in Mandarin (her husband is Taiwanese) and we downloaded the Gospel Library app on her phone.  When she saw that everything was in Vietnamese on the App, she was SO excited.  SO SO SO excited!!!  We love this family so much, and we can’t wait to teach them more truth, and help them gain a greater testimony of their Savior.

Speaking of the 2 dinners, WOW I am still full from last night!  All it is here is food, food, and more food.  One of our RC’s invited us over to her house high up in the mountains and we had dinner with their family of over 40 people.  They were so excited to have Americans, we took like 45 minutes taking pictures, it was nuts haha!  They were all joking and saying that whoever wants to marry an American, you can start the queue…which made us realize they were way to excited so we had to get out of there haha!  It was still super fun, and we have a lot of new potential investigators!

This week, I have been pondering the simple principle of faith, the difference between “Heavenly Father CAN do this” and “Heavenly Father WILL do this”.  There is a huge difference.  I feel like for most of my mission, I’ve had the faith that Heavenly Father can do a lot of things, like provide the prepared for us to teach, or make sure that we are still alive at the end of the day.  If you think “He can”, sometimes it prevents you from believing that He will.  I think the big difference is that Heavenly Father will do things, but he will only make things happen through you.  The difference is action on our part.  If you know Heavenly Father will do something, that means that you are willing to act on the prompting that he gives you.  I have seen so many miracle by applying this principle this week.  I invited you to all believe that Heavenly Father WILL do things for you, through you!

Love y’all!



Sister Good




I took everyone to my last area in Xinyi and introduced them to Cronuts!


Fish tank at the bike shop near our house!


I went on exchanges to Yonghe 永和 with Sister Giles!  We go way back to the MTC, and she goes home this transfer.  The is THE BESTTTTT!



I also went on a mini exchange with Sister Luo to proselyte with members in the Zhonghe ward 中和支會 and it was super fun!  We were at the Nanshijiao MRT station!


I made Sister Davis try the preserved Duck egg at a members’ house for Chinese New Year.  Look at her so happy before she ate the egg!


She is so brave!  The egg wasn’t her favorite thing in the world haha




Us taking pictures with lanterns at the Shulin train station樹林火車站!




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