Week 72 – Chinese New Year Ends! – 17 Feb 2016

Hey y’all!

Last Monday, Sister Davis and I went to this AWESOME Frozen exhibit in Taipei…it was right on the square of the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall!  It was so beautiful, and I cried all through it because it was Disney and Elsa and Anna and Olaf and I felt like a kid and I love it!  The exhibit went through the entire movie, and when Elsa froze everything, we went into this section of the exhibit where they have a whole bunch of real ice sculptures and just BAHHHH last P-day was the BOMB.

BUT, this P-day will be even better, because it is temple day!  WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE!  (That is why we are having P-day on Wednesday).

Chinese New Year was this past week, and I was so excited to finally spend Chinese New Year in Taiwan!  Last year, I was still stuck in Colorado waiting on my visa.  I got to Taiwan the week AFTER Chinese New Year!  In Tucheng (土城), we had members feed is for lunch and dinner every single day!  They kept encouraging us to eat more than we could fit into our stomachs and by the end of the new year, we just all got really sick of food (which is weird, because that has never happened to me before haha) but it was so great.  I think the best part about Chinese New Year was that Sister Davis and I got a really great chance to meet the members here.  We really needed that since we are both new to the area.  It has been such a blessing!

Sister Davis is starting to get used to Taiwan!  I have a few funny stories I would like to share with y’all…

  1. Usually Sister Davis doesn’t say word, especially during dinner appointments because all of us missionaries have a lot of experience in Taiwan, and we are all speaking in this foreign language that she has a hard time understanding.  BUT this week, there was a YSA who invited us over to his house and there happened to be an awkward silence in the middle of dinner.  Then we hear a timid “你喜歡做什麽?” (What do you like to do?) and all of us missionaries looked at each other and our eyes got so wide because we were in shock that Sister Davis said something haha.  We all applauded for her.  Then Elder Roe said “Sister Davis, I totally had faith in you this whole time!” She is the cutest!
  2. We were doing a roleplay on how to contact on the street, and Sister Davis said “我可以有你的健康嗎?” (Can I have your health?) instead of “我可以有你的電話?” (Can I have your number?) Good thing is was just a role play.
  3. I had Sister Davis take the lead in finding this week, and we were evaluating how she was doing in the lessons, and we were laughing about a part where she contacted someone and it was a really funny experience (I’m sorry I don’t remember what was so funny) but she says to me “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing!  I just know it’s true!” Oh my goodness she is seriously the best!

I love Sister Davis SO much!

We were contacting on Sunday night, it was really cold and super rainy, and Sister Davis contacted into Dominic.  His English was perfect, so that was good for Sister Davis haha.  But anyway, we asked him how he was and he was really bitter because it was Valentine’s Day and he didn’t have a girlfriend (that’s when I remembered that it was Valentine’s Day and realized that I am so out of the world haha).  He was so bitter at the world by the way he talked, and we told him that we were misssionaries.  He laughed and said that he doesn’t believe in God, because the one time that he prayed, God didn’t answer his prayer.  I asked him what he prayed for, and he said “I prayed that God would kill me.” I was completely shocked by his answer.  We got to know him a little bit more.  His family left him, and he doesn’t know where they are, but they send him a lot of money every week, so he is very well off.  He is addicted to drugs and alcohol and absolutely has not hope in life.  He reminded me a lot of the man from the Mormon Message “A Hope of God’s Light” (go watch it, it is so good!).  We testified of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and he just has a really hard time believing in it.  He needs to watch that Mormon Message SO BAD, because it was literally MADE for him!  But then he told us of an experience he had in Australia…”I was sitting on the curb of a street, and a homeless man comes up to me and asks for food and cigarettes.  I go into the convenience store and buy him what he wanted.  After I gave him what he asked for, he looks at me and said ‘Thank the Lord’“.  He said to us, “I’m the one that bought him the food and cigarettes, God didn’t do anything!  He didn’t do anything for the man, and he didn’t do anything for me!” I thought to the other Mormon Message “Patterns of Light” (I’m not sure it it’s part 1, 2, or 3) but David A. Bednar explains in there that any inclination that ANYONE has to do good, comes directly from God.  Dominic doesn’t know it, but it was God that gave Dominic the feeling that he should help the homeless man.

After talking with him for a few minutes, we ask for his number, he gives it to us, and he walks away.  Sister Davis and I walk back to our bikes and we said a prayer of gratitude to Heavenly Father, thanking him for giving us the chance to meet Dominic.  After we said amen, we see Dominic walking out of a convenient store.  I called to him, and said “Bye, Dominic!”  He yells back, “WAIT!”  He come us up to us and hands Sister Davis and I each a new umbrella that he bought just barely.  “It’s cold outside.” he said (there was a curse word in that sentence that I will not mention).  God was working through Dominic again, to serve us this time.

I know that God lives, and that he has a part in our lives every second of every day.  I know that he loves us and wants us to be happy.  I know that God loves Dominic, so he led Sister Davis to talk to him that rainy Valentine’s Day night.  And I know that he loves each and every one of you.

Have a great week y’all!


Sister Good



Sister Davis and I went to a Frozen exhibit that they were having at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and I felt like I spent P-Day at Disney World!
















Chinese New Year!


Our skirts got soaked in the rain!




Me being excited this morning because we are going to the temple today!



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