Week 73 – Happy Days in Tucheng -22 Feb 2016

Hey ya’ll!

Last Wednesday was Temple Day and I LOVED having the opportunity to go and receive revelation from Heavenly Father. That day also happened to be the Taizhong (台中) mission’s temple day, and I got to see a lot of the missionaries that I was in the MTC with! They only go once a year, and we get to go once every other transfer. I am so lucky to serve in a mission with a temple! It makes me wish that I went to the temple more before the mission when I could go whenever I wanted. But I will still have that opportunity! I LOVE TEMPLES SO MUCH!

Since Sister Davis and I got to Tucheng (土城), we haven’t had the sufficient materials for effective studies in the morning. We started out with no area book, no chairs to sit on, no desks to sit at, and no whiteboard to keep track of our investigators with. For the past 3 weeks, Sister Davis and I have been studying on couches and writing the names of the people we meet on sticky notes and it looked totally unorganized. BUT, our supplies FINALLY CAME! We can finally be organized and study at desks and to things more effectively now!

Last week, Sister Davis and I bought groceries and on our way back home, SHE GOT LOST! There was a turn that she didn’t see me make or something, so I was waiting for her at this stoplight and she just wasn’t showing up. I went back and retraced my steps all the way back to the grocery store and I couldn’t find her. Mind you, we use bicycles as a mode of transportation. So when we buy groceries, we have to carry huge backs of food on our handlebars. It’s always a fun experience buy groceries every week! But I remembered that I had a feeling to give her the phone this time, and when I remembered that, I rode back to our apartment complex and asked our security guard to borrow a phone. A frightened Sister Davis answered the phone and said “Wei?” I asked her where she was and she said “I don’t know…I’m lost!” “Sister Davis, don’t panic, just try to talk to someone walking past you on the street and give them the phone so I can find out where you are.” The man on the phone told me the address she was at, and it was wayyyyy down past the grocery store. Poor Sister Davis. We had a really good laugh about it afterwards haha!

This morning, we were on our way to eat breakfast with our Zone Leaders because Sister Lu got her visa and is leaving us to go to Temple Square! Anyway, we were at the place we planned to meet the Elders at, and Sister Davis fell off her bike after hitting a curb. Elder Roe and Elder Bellingham come running asking if everyone is okay. Elder Roe: “I heard a loud thump and then a girls screaming like ‘ahhhhh!’, and then I was like ‘well, the sisters are here!’” hahaa. Sister Davis scraped her knee pretty bad and it started bleeding. I tried to cheer her up so I showed her the scars I have on both of my knees: one from falling off my bike in the 3rd grade, and the other from falling over while playing missionary tag at mutual in 9th grade. “See, Sister Davis? You have a battle wound! So cool!” After a while of pouring water on it and dabbing it with napkins, Sister Davis lights up and says “I can use my Iron Man band-aids!” -She’s a trooper!

Sister Lu just left for America today! She has been waiting for her visa since November, so she had a full 12 weeks of training. But now she can finally go to the MTC, to the mission that she was assigned to! She is so excited because she has never been to America before. I told her that I’ll visit her and take her out on her P-days if she does a sweet tour for me when I go to Salt Lake. I remember when I found out I got my visa, I was so sad to leave Colorado, but so excited to get the heck out of there and go on to Taiwan. That was forever ago. And now I only have 8 weeks left on my mission. I don’t really know what to think of it…

We had a lot of appointments fall through this week, but good thing we always have backup plans! We had a particular appointment fall through and our backup was to find around that area. So, that’s what we did, and we found 3 new investigators in 10 minutes! We talked to a group of friends walking together, had a group prayer with them, and they all set up for Friday! That was a huge miracle, and it shows that sometimes when things work out, it’s because Heavenly Father has something better in store for the future!

Love y’all!


Sister Good




Us roomies at the temple last week!


Getting ready for Sister Maxwell’s birthday surprise!






Sister Lu got her visa and is heading to Temple Square…we all got up and had breakfast with Elder Roe and Elder Bellingham to send her off 😦






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