Week 75 – West Taipei Stake Conference – 7-Mar-2016

Hey y’all!

Sorry my emails keep getting shorter and shorter, but this week was a great and amazing spirit filled week!

The West Taipei Stake had their stake conference and we all went to Jinhua Chapel to have our meetings.  Our investigator Brother Zheng showed up, which was a HUGE miracle because it’s normally really hard for him to show up to our chapel near his home!  He really liked it and has really good feeling when he attends church.  We introduced him to President Jergensen, hoping that he would rub off some of his spirituality off onto Brother Zheng haha.

We also had a fireside for New Members at the Jinhua chapel that night.  Our other investigator, Brother Wu, came and it was great for him to hear the testimonies of all the recent converts.  At the end of the fireside, President invited all of the missionaries to go up and sing the Taiwan Taipei Mission song:  “Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses” #174 in the Chinese Hymnal.  Let me tell you, whenever the missionaries sing that song, we don’t just sing the song, we SING that song.  We sing so loud and it always brings the spirit to the point that all of us tear up.  There were an extra amount of tears that day because of transfers and the missionaries that are finishing up their missions are all going home!  It’s hard to believe that the sisters that are going home this transfer were in the MTC with me.  TIME JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.  Anyway, it was awesome to spend the weekend in Taipei, I got to see so many of the people from the previous areas I served in!  I LOVE THE TAIWAN TAIPEI MISSION.



We did pottery last P-day!





It was a fun little trip to Yingge




Saw this sign…


I ran in to Brother Luo!  He was my teacher in the MTC!  He has the BEST CONVERSION STORY.


Selfie before Elder Roe got transferred to be AP!



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