Week 76 – Transfer 12! What?! – 14-Mar-2016

Hey, Ya’ll!

It’s official!  I’ve hit my LAST TRANSFER.  Nuts!!

A few things happened this week because of transfers…

They closed down Tucheng (土城) A Sisters!  So now it’s just Sister Davis and I in the apartment.  We spent a lot of time cleaning up the records and making calls to the people that the other sisters have been working with.  We also moved into to the nice study room and we have the nice soft beds now…with makes it much harder to get up in the morning…whoops haha.  Sister Davis also each have our own bathroom now, so YAY!  It’s not as fun without the other Sisters though, but it’s okay, we can use our time much more effectively now!

Second, and the BEST thing to EVER HAPPEN, is….SISTER HENDRICKS MOVED INTO OUR ZONE!  I love her so much!  She was my MTC comp, and will forever remain my true tongban (同班)!  She moved into the XinBan (新皮板) ward, which meets in the same chapel as us.  I saw her yesterday and I was just so giddy and excited!  We have never served in the same zone ever.  She was born in central Taipei, and I was born in the east coast.  Then she became STL of the east coast, when I became STL of central Taipei.  But now we are both in the West Taipei zone and for our last transfer too!  HAPPY ARE WE!

We had so many miracles with our investigators attending church!  Brother Zheng came with is little girl again!  Last time he didn’t stay for long, because his little girl, Wenwen, wasn’t used to the environment and wouldn’t stay still.  This time, she sat through almost ALL of sacrament meeting!  Brother Zheng took her to Primary, and she was really shy at first, but then she got used to the surroundings and started playing with the other little kids!  Brother Zheng looked so happy because Wenwen was happy.  The best part about was they stayed over an after church because Wenwen was playing with her new friend, and Brother Zheng was talking to Brother Chen, who is in the Elders Quorum presidency.  It’s amazing how comfortable your investigators feel when members really care for them and make them feel at home!

Brother Zhang also came to church, and we had a lesson with him afterwards.  We shared about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we invited him to Endure to the End, by always CPRing (church, pray, read), he said “aren’t I already doing all of that?” Yes, yes he is.  I can’t wait until he gets baptized next month!

I am so determined to finish my mission strong.  I don’t want ‘trunky’ to be in my vocabulary.  I am here to be the best example for Sister Davis and to use every ounce of spiritual and physical energy this last transfer.  I LOVE MY MISSION.



Sister Good



We went on this awesome hike in DaZhi (大直) with the Xindian (新店) missionaries!




Crying because of Elder Robinson and Elder Reintjes in the back!!!


They didn’t make the stoplight in time so we took a disobedient picture of a sister between two elders hahahahaa!


We are the hunxue district (混血地區)!  We tried to be cool.  All four of our moms are Taiwanese, and our Dads are white/european.  This is my clique.






We had an awesome photoshoot after district meeting


Polka dot twinsies!!




I love this picture.  Elder Atwood and Elder Bellingham were on exchanges and Elder Bellingham is contacting a person on the street while Elder Atwood stares off into space because he had a day left in his mission at this point #trunky


Me and Ye Zi, who is starting her mission papers soon!!!!


Sister Zhong and I matching!



Members from Taidong came to visit me before I went home!  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!


This is Sister Chen, she got baptized about 2 months ago, and will be going into surgery which will require a lengthy recovery.  Pray for her please!


She is the cutest!


Sister Davis and I, SOAKED from the rain!



A member from Xinan came and visit me too!  She hand painted this minion on the shirt!  SHE IS SO TALENTED!





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