Week 78 – Feeling the Warmth of the Gospel in Cold and Rainy Weather – 28-Mar-2016

Hey y’all!

This week was soooo COLD and RAINY and WET.  It rained every single day this week, and we still had to be out and proselyting.  IT WAS AWESOME!  We saw so many cool miracles and met so many cool people!  Recently, the mission has really been emphasizing finding New Investigators through members.  It’s an extremely effective way in finding new investigators that already have a support system (their friends or family).  We have been working really hard and gaining the trust of the members, so that they are willing to give us referrals.  This week, we visited the Lai Family.  They have a son in high school and he has a girlfriend who has never really hard much about God, other than what her boyfriend shares with her.  I asked Sister Lai what we should teach her son’s GF, trying to get a feel of how much she knows about our church.  I laughed when she said “Probably…eternal marriage!”  But we decided to take thigs a bit slower haha.  We taught her yesterday and introduced the concept of a Heavenly Father, and we showed the video “Earthly Father, Heavenly Father” with her.  We set a baptismal date with her, and her boyfriend was so happy!  Everyone was super happy!  Yang Yi Lu (the girlfriend) is so sweet and so cute!  I asked her why she was willing to set a date, and I was so amazed at her response:  “Because, I’m starting to believe that it’s true.”  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!

Two other miracles…Zhang Hong Zhi is still progressing!  We have been sending him texts to remind him when he pulls out a cigarette to say a prayer to Heavenly Father and that Heavenly Father always prepares a way for His children to do everything He commands of them.  We are meeting with him tonight and will be teaching him the Law of Tithing.  He’ll have his Baptismal Interview this week as well!

Cherrie is a former investigator who stopped meeting with the missionaries because she went online and found some anti-Mormon stuff about polygamy.  We called her up, and at first, she was really nervous to meet with us again, but we followed up with her and emphasized the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  We invited her to a YSA FHE and she said she felt so welcome and she really enjoyed it!  She also attended church for all 3 hours today, and that was so great!  She really enjoyed the Gospel Principles class!  When we followed up with her this past week, we asked her how she was doing.  She said “I am doing so good!”  When we asked why, she said “Because I have been reading the Book of Mormon this week!”  We were sooooo happy to hear that!  We also set a baptismal date with her for April 16th!

This week, Sister Davis and I went to Taipei for a trainer-trainee follow up meeting.  In that meeting, we met everyone in Sister Davis’ generation, as well as all of their trainers.  Sister Davis was so happy to see everyone she was in the MTC with!  In that meeting, we watched a video of a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and I think it’s called “Missionary Work and the Atonement”.  It was so good!  I love how every time Elder Holland speaks, he speaks with so much power.  There was one part in particular that I really enjoyed.  He was talking speaking about how missionary work shouldn’t be easy, because it was never ever easy for Jesus Christ.  He was the perfect teacher, the PERFECT missionary, and yet, he was still rejected, spit upon, and crucified.  There is one quote that he said which I love:  “Missionary work isn’t easy because [emphasize the power in Elder Holland’s voice] Salvation is NOT a cheap experience.”  This week was cold and rainy and wet.  Friday, we had an appointment with Brother Zheng (Zheng Di Xiong).  We were on our way to his appointment when all of a sudden there was a huge downpour.  We were freezing from the wind that was blowing and ugh it was just not the ideal situation.  But I reminded Sister Davis of the Elder Holland’s talk.  We rode to the appointment yelling “SALVATION IS NOT A CHEAP EXPERIENCE!  WE’RE COMING, ZHENG DI XIONG!”  My scriptures and hymnbook are still drying.  I’ve had a runny nose all weekend.  But it was so worth it.  Anything for Christ.

Now that Sister Hendricks moved into the Taipei West Zone, I get to see her all the time!  I spent P-Day with her and we were talking and catching up on everything.  Turns out she’s going to BYU as well!  We were both hesitant to ask each other because I thought she was staying at BYU-I and she thought I was staying at BYU-I haha.  But we are both going to Provo!  We cried and jumped and hugged and it was marvelous.  Then we got serious, and followed up with each other about how we’re feeling now that we are ending our missions.  We both agreed that we feel like it’s about time.  We’re ready to accept that fact that our service as a missionary will be over soon.  We’re not trunky by any means, as we both know that we still have so much more to accomplish before April 22 hits.  But we know that Heavenly Father has a calling prepared for us on our hometowns, and we can’t accomplish that in Taiwan.  It was really good to talk to her.  We started the mission at the MTC together as companions and we’re ending strong together in the same zone.  I’m ready for it all!  For the next 3 weeks, for all the miracles we’ll see, for all the sweat we’ll sweat, and for all the lives we’ll change.  I love being a missionary.



Sister Good



Ice Staking with Sister Hendricks!


Literally…my favorite Elders!


We have sword fights during district meeting.



Elder Reintjes also likes to pretend he is Beyonce.



We helped some member move out of their apartment this week!


Sister Gabbitas and Sister Haacke!  Throwback to the MTC!


I’m super immature, but I saw this and I couldn’t stop laughing!!!


Sister Davis and I preparing for our battle with the rain!



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